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Mini 0801 Dashcam Review

The previous dashcam I reviewed was very good, but the Mini 0801 is even better. This is the smallest dashcam available with an LCD display, GPS, G-Sensor and 1080P recording. It can hide discretely behind the rear view mirror without being disruptive. For example, the WS300W I reviewed would not fit behind the mirror on my Audi, but this one fits in there with room to spare.

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WS300W DashCam Review

What has caught my interest recently is the rapidly growing market for dashcams. Their popularity started in Russia but has grown worldwide. It’s intended purpose is to provide evidence in case of an accident that was not your fault. I chose this model from Wrightwood Surveillance because of the high quality 1080P image with WDR at a reasonable price of under $100.

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