Dahua IPC-HDBW3110 1.3MP CCD IR Dome Review

The previously reviewed Dahua cameras used a CMOS sensor, this is from their megapixel CCD line. The theory with CCD’s is they provide better low light capability but I feel the balance has tipped and there are some really good CMOS sensors now including the Sony Exmor sensor used in other Dahua cameras. The advantage of this dome over the previoulsy reviewed mini dome is that it has IR illuminators built-in.

Dahua IPC-HDBW3110 CCD Vandal IR Dome

Main Features

  • 1/3” 1.3 Megapixel progressive scan SONY CCD
  • H.264 & MJPEG dual-stream encoding
  • Max 22fps @ 1.3M (1280×960) or 30fps @ 720P (1280×720)
  • DWDR, Backlight Compensation and 2D Noise Reduction
  • 2.8~12mm varifocal auto iris lens
  • Day/Night IR Cut Filter
  • IR LED working distance 20m
  • Built-in 2/1 alarm in/out
  • Micro SD memory,
  • IP66 Rated Outdoor Bullet
  • Powered by PoE
  • Smartphone apps available

The CCD is not as good all the way around as the CMOS sensor used in other Dahua cameras. The images don’t have that rich color or contrast and there’s a noticable streak that occurs when it gets reflective glare, like off a piece of chrome on a car can make a pink vertical stripe appear. I noticed this on other brands of domes using the same Sony sensor.

This is what the web interface looks like when you first log in. There’s options to take a snapshot, manually record, chose a stream and more. As you can see, the image, even though it’s set for 4:3 aspect ratio for 1.3MP, it stretches it to the 16:9 aspect ratio. This is only on the web interface as snapshots, recorded video is done at the proper aspect ratio.

Dahua IPC-HDBW3110 - Initial Screen

The interface looks similar to other Dahua cameras with some minor quirks. Here’s the first screen you get to when you click on Setup.

Dahua IPC-HDBW3110 - CCD Dome Review

This is the window where you would setup resolution, fps and 2nd stream.

Dahua IPC-HDBW3110 CCD Dome Review

You configure the motion detect window the same way as other Dahua camera by clicking on squares to make them visible or not. The blue area is the motion detect zone.

Dahua IPC-HDBW3110 Vandal Dome Review

The storage is set up here for the SD card or FTP.

Dahua IPC-HDBW3110 IR Vandal Dome Storage

Now onto the images, how well does this camera perform. I mounted the camera at two places, one at the front of my garage, under the eave,and in my backyard because they represent different lighting situations. The varifocal lens was set to its widest setting which is fairly wide and covered most of front of my home.

As before, click on the image to see the full 1.3MP version.

 Dahua IPC-HDBW3110  Vandal IR Dome Day Shot

This is in my backyard where lighting makes for a better shot than the driveway and you can see the detail.

Dahua IPC-HDBW3110 Vandal IR Dome Review Day Shot 2

At night is where the cameras disappoints. No matter what I tried, theirs a very noticeable light bleed from the IR LED’s onto the surface of the dome. I checked the fit of the rubber grommet that separates the two and it’s a tight fit against the lens and against the inside of the dome.

This image was taken over my driveway. You can see the halo around the perimeter of the image caused by the IR LEDs bleeding onto the image.

Dahua IPC-HDBW3110 IR Vandal Dome Night Shot

To show you that the IR light bleed is the sole cause of this halo effect, I turned the IR LEDs off and you can see the image is now clear. Also, the low light capabilities of this CCD are not much different than that of the 1.3MP Aptina CMOS sensor. Noise was low thanks to effective noise reduction.

Dahua IPC-HDBW3110 IR Vandal Dome Night Shot No IR

And this was taken at night in my backyard. You can see the halo around the image from the reflection of the IR ring on the surface of the dome.

Dahua IPC-DHBW3110 IR Vandal Dome - Night Shot 2

I uploaded day and night videos to YouTube. To see them at the full 720P resolution, you must click on the gear icon and select 720P resolution and then click on the icon with 4 corners to see the video full screen.

The pluses for this camera are;

  • Low price
  • 720P at 30fps (or 1.3MP at 22fps)
  • Built in IR illuminators
  • Day/Night IR Cut Filter
  • Smartphone apps – everyone wants to access their cameras from smartphones these days

The shortcomings of the camera are;

  • Serious IR LED light bleed issues
  • You must rely on your reseller for support
  • Displays wide-screen format on the web interface even when you chose a different format

Click here to go to the company web page for the camera








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Can anyone tell me how to add this camera to my synology nas system. It is not detecting this camera. I just purchased it today. Thanks

Ing. Roman Vaňhara

We would like to share our own experience with this product. We can send the record or photos with problematic night vision.


Can anyone tell me what the range of motion is for the camera? How many degrees does it rotate from side to side up and down. I can’t find these stats anywhere. I’d like to be able to rotate it quite a bit to cover a wide area.


Well, I’m not a big fan of the built in IR. If the camera is indoor behind glass and out of the weather than I would go with a box type camera and decent lens. There are lots of good ones out there and maybe some have been reviewed on this site. My personal favorite is the ones with the Sony Exmor chipset and pair that with a Fujinon MP lens. I had a Acti TCM-5311 (discontinued model) that had a Sony CCD and I used a Fujinon 3MP lens. Crisp daytime and decent night with outside lighting. I’m sure there are newer models that probably have better resolution now. Also liked the models from Arecont.


Couldnt that IR bleed issue be solved pretty easily by just making a lens extension tube that goes all the way to the dome housing so that the light doesnt get into the lens?


How does one go about making a lens extension tube? I have my camera behind glass and IR has been out of the question due to IR reflection off the glass.

I’d like to stick to something that performs well in low light without IR. Is there a HFW2100 like camera without IR? My current Foscam’s, which were an experiemtn really, will reset and turn IR back on and I might not catch it for a few days. With IR off they stay in color and night/dark is virtually black with ambient lighting.


I’ve read through several of your reviews, but can’t seem to find my answer.

I’m looking for an outdoor camera that does good night vision and has a focus from 2′ to 15′. Don’t care about daytime really. Recommendations?


Can you recommend a dome camera with no IR bleed? I vaguely recall you mentioning one of the Actis?


Re the objectional nightime IR bleed. I special ordered the 3MP version of this cam – the HBDW3300N. It arrived quickly but has the exact same IR bleed problem. I should mention that in my installation the angle of the lens is at the outer limit of travel (edge of dome). When I did some preliminary testing I had the lens pointed in the center of the dome and I did not notice such an objectional IR bleed.

Empire Security Cameras

Wholesale price is about $379.99. The 3MP version is $349.99.


What’s the price on this camera? It’s not shown in the Empire Security Dahua PDF.