Dahua IPC-HFW3300C 3 MP Bullet Review

A short while back I reviewed the Dahua IPC-HFW3200C that was an excellent 1080P surveillance camera at a low price. For about $15-20 more, Dahua offers the IPC-HFW3300C, identical in every way to the IPC-HFW3200C, but has the option of 3 MP resolution (2048 x 1535). The sensor is a little larger to accommodate the extra pixels. Image quality remains the same during the day or night.

The extra pixels comes at the 4:3 aspect ratio vs. the HDTV 16:9 aspect ratio in 1080P mode (the camera can do both). The penalty for being in 3 MP mode is the maximum frame rate is 15 fps compared to 30 fps in 1080P mode. It depends if you can take advantage of the extra pixels. In my case, looking over my driveway, I can certainly take advantage of the extra pixels to provide better coverage and more likely be able to recognize someone in the video. You can tell from the video I captured that 15 fps is still very fluid motion.

The camera looks identical to its 1080P brother.

Dahua IPC-HFW3300C 3MP Bullet

Main Features

  •  1/2.8” 3 Megapixel progressive scan Sony Exmor CMOS
  • High-performance TI DaVinci series DSP
  • H.264/MJPEG video compression and JPEG image capture
  • Supports dual-stream encoding
  • Max 15 fps at 3 MP (2048 x 1536) &  30 fps at 1080P resolution
  • Support true Day/Night with an IR Cut Filter
  • Built-in 3.3~12mm varifocal/F1.4 Auto Iris lens
  • Built-in IR Illuminators with a working distance of 20m
  • Supports Alarm I/O
  • Support up to 32GB Micro SD card for local storage
  • IP66 Water-proof protection
  • Powered by PoE or 12V/24V
  • Smartphone apps available

I don’t want to duplicate the review for the 1080P version so I’m leaving out the section on the web interface and the camera pigtail as it’s the same.

Now onto the images, how well does this camera perform. I mounted the camera at the front of my garage, under the eave. With the varifocal lens starting at 3.3mm, it was perfect for viewing the entire front of my home. While at that wide of an angle, you still can not ID someone across the street, it was very effective as people approached my front gate or driveway. As with my other reviews, click on the images below to see the full size image, straight from the camera.

Dahua IPC-HFW3300C Review - Daytime Image

Now onto the low light night performance. This time there’s three scenarios, the first is how you would likely use it, with IR lights on. Because there’s a street light across the street, the camera would not automatically shift to night mode so I had to set it to a scheduled time to cut over. This is what it looks like with IR lighting in night mode with no other lighting other than the street light across the street.

Dahua IPC-3300CN Bullet Review - Night Shot 1

This is late at night but my front porch lights are on and it just so happens there’s some additional lighting from holiday lights, albeit not sure how much they contribute. This is in day mode, color but no IR illumination.

Dahua IPC3300C Night Image 2

Lastly, with no other lights other than the street light across the street in day mode (no IR illumination), you can see it’s pretty dark. This is similar to the 1080P sensor and not really practical, especially since it has very nice IR illuminators.

Dahua IPC-HFW3300C Night Shot 3

Again, many of the same issues about setting the exposure mode, using their IOS and Android apps, their poor support and writing to SD or NAS is the same. If you write to SD or NAS, you can use their free CMS software PSS to view several camera together and view the recordings it made. While I was not crazy about the interface on PSS, it does work and did I say it was free.


I uploaded day and night videos to YouTube. The problem is while the video was recorded at 3 MP (2048 x 1536), when I uploaded it to YouTube, it cropped the image down to 1080P (1920 x 1080) so you will see actual resolution from the camera, but in real life, you would see 50% more content. To see the videos in its 1080P resolution, you must click on the gear icon and select 1080P resolution and then click on the icon with 4 corners to see the video full screen.


I did run into a slight problem with this camera I want to note. If you record to a NAS or SD, the video is in their proprietory DAV format. You have to use their player tool to view the video and it works fine as expected. When you convert the video to AVI, using Windows Media Player all you see is black, no video. If you use a different player to view it like VLC or DIVX it plays fine. When I copied the video to my Mac, it showed the video fine but had extra black section of video which was weird. There may be a glitch in the conversion from 3 MP to AVI files or this could be a Windows Media Player bug, not sure.

The pluses for this camera are;

  • Price – don’t know where else you can get a camera this good for this price
  • 3 MP at 15 fps or 1080P at 30 fps (specs say 20 fps at 3 MP but it’s wrong)
  • IR Illuminators that work well, even coverage even at wide-angle
  • Varifocal auto-iris lens that’s sharp and clear
  • Sony Exmor sensor has excellent daytime quality and performs well in low light
  • Smartphone apps – everyone wants to access their cameras from smartphones these days

The shortcomings of the camera are;

  • Poor customer support. Luckily it works well without much to complain about.
  • Can not take advantage of 3 MP mode on a Dahua NVR


The camera is recomended for those that want a really good camera at a bargain price and are savy enough to figure things out on their own and don’t need much support and are OK with buying products from China.

Click here to go to the company web page for the camera





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One other note. Has anyone had issues losing the IR’s in temperatures under 32F? I have one that the IR’s go out when it gets that cold, the other 4 work fine. The IR’s on the one that go out work fine above those temps. Weird…

David GU

Installed Dahua and Hikvision cameras and received no complain during New York’s harsh winters. You may do a hard reset.


Last night 6 F and all good with my Dahuas


Hey Network Camera Critic! Is there a way to get the current firmware off of the camera? I have three with the original firmware that came with them (, build 2012-05-07/WEBv3.0.0.0)? I upgraded two of them to 2.212.0000.0.R, build 2013-12-06 and the pictures on those two don’t look as good as the original. I would just like to go back since I use NVR software and most of the new features don’t matter.

Or is there even a newer version that may have corrected all this? Also just wondering if maybe you could do an update review on this camera running the latest firmware and go over the features and sample videos, etc?

Thanks, Glen


Any reviews on Dahua IPC-HFW4300S ECO SAVVY? Looking at the IPC-HFW3200S, Trying to decide which one to go with. Any expert advice would be appreciated.



How can I get mjpeg over http?

Dom from Aus

Hello, thank you for such great reviews.

I have been looking for a dome camera and so far either this version in the dome IPC-HDBW3300

Can yo recommend any similar ( specs, price and quality) camera that don’t suffer the halo effect as these are reported to?

Any helpful advice would be much appreciated


Yes, I would be interested in the upgraded firmware (NTSC xxx 2013-03-13) since many options aren’t working for IE for me (alarm mapping, schedules, ftp).

I have requests into where I bought the camera and Dahua with no response so far. I like the camera for a first attempt (and used the excellent reviews here to choose) but support is lacking. I would buy more of these if support was just a tad better.

Has anyone got the ftp to a NAS working using the software. My dorks the camera (reset needed) when I try adding the path in the FTP settings.

Thanks, Matt


I am also interested in the latest firmware if available.


Can you tell me if this camera Dahua IPC-HFW3300C 3 MP Bullet will work with the SYNOLOGY NAS? I am very interested in purchasing this. I have a few more models of Dahua:Dahua IPC-HDBW3300 3MP, BW IPC-HFW2100 1.3Mp 720P HD Network Water-proof IR Mini IP Bullet Camera



If this is not posted somewhere else then, FYI:
Received an updated firmware for 2.103.0001.0.R 2012-09-14
Supports 3MP at 20FPS also supports WDR, BLC or HLC.


I have the 2.210.0000.0.R, build : 2013-03-13

with a playback button in Internet explorer to view SD recorded data direct in Internet explorer


Do you have a link to download that firmware?

Carter Maslan

When I spoke with Dahua at ISC West, they directed me to purchase from GenIV Technology (http://genivtechnology.com/) as their California re-seller. We’ve also heard good things about Gen IV from some of the people who install for us.


This is an interesting solution.

My usual best source is Costco.com, but do not see this camera there. What is a good source of supply (price, return policy, reliability)?




For you guys looking for Mac support for this, I have the Dahua cameras in multiple configurations. I can see all directly from the Safari window, logging in to the camera… For an NVR get a Mac mini with Bensoft Security Spy. Great NVR software with everything including iphone support and the newest release has Dahua camera as a pre-cofigured choice. Works great!


Anyone have a source to obtain this camera with the best deal?


I just received two HFW3300C’s from Tina at dsdcctv.com. I don’t know if we are allowed to discuss exact prices here so I will keep it a little vague: Slightly above $300 each, around $90 shipping, and you’ll pay $40-$80 for wire transfer fees. DHL Shipping was extremely fast. The Zyxel switch and ethernet cables will be here soon, can’t wait!


Hey great site man, very very helpful. So if the nvr software can’t record 3mp, what do you do then? How do you record at 3mp?


Any other recommendations for China based suppliers of Dahua cameras? I was emailing with Cherry at K&D and she said they can no longer sell NTSC cameras. Sounds like they are getting a US based distributor or something like that. I was hoping to pickup a couple cameras while I was in Beijing in two weeks but now…



Hello. I need advice from a owner of HFW3200C And HFW3300C.
Price difference between them is only 20$ (does not means anything for me). In my setup actual recording size of booth cams will be only 1080P. So actualy which one is better to get? Will I get better 1080P image from 3MP sensor?
Or its only worth to get if I will have a full 3MP recording in the future?


Great reading your reviews on the Dahua products. One camera that I have been trying to find out more about is the KDW-HW54RD72 (K&D part #). Seems to have the same specs as the bullet cam but a slightly different lens (and it’s CS mount) and it seems to have a little more IR LED range, but alas that’s from the spec sheet. Anyway, wondering if you’ve seen/heard any reviews on this one or equivalent from Dahua. Seems to be about $35 more than the bullet but i’m wondering if it ma¥ be worth it or not. Thanks.


Hi, for the past 6 months, I have four of the IPC-HFW3300C cameras positioned around the outside of the house. I’ve been very pleased with the performance of these cameras, but I was wondering if there was any other camera in comparison that performed better at night. I’ve added additional infrared lighting, but the noise level is still apparent. What would you recommend for a nighttime camera?



Can someone help me with detailed Blue Iris settings for this and the 2 mp bullet(I would assume the same settings)? I cannot get Blue Iris past color bars with my settings. The IP address is, the HTTP port is 80, and the camera port is 37777.

Each one of my cameras has a separate IP but the same camera port. Is that ok? Thank you.


besides Cherry- do you have any recommendations on where to purchase this camera?



Hello, I have 3 IPC-3300c, but i have problems with the SD card of 1 camera. (card or camera)
it is 8 GB SD card, but it tells it is no installed.

after some trying with custom SD formating tools i could get it work.
but after 1 day i get a e-mail that there is nog SD in the camera.

pleas tel me hou to proberly format a SD card for this camera, and wat is maximum supported size/speed and wath is best.

ik have also did the update to the firmware General_IPC-HX3XXX_Eng_P_V2.102.0000.0.R.20120428 i now there is a newer one but i could not find it any ware ! i have ask my reseller but did not get a answer .. 🙁



Hi networkcameracritic,

Just wondering if you can tell me if this camera is working/playing nice with Blue Iris now with the recent (BI) updates?

I noticed it had been mentioned here and on another forum (I think again by you), that they weren’t really playing well together at the time (which was the end of last year i believe). Has this since been resolved?

I’m looking at either buying this or the IPC-HFW3200C (with the 3300C/this being the preference) but want to check that it works ok with blue iris as the IPC-HFW3200C does.

Thank you.


Hello, I purchased a couple of Dahua cameras recently and I found one of them generates weird color, especially for purple/red colors (not enough red?). My question is that are there any standard test pictures (like those TV test pictures) which can quickly test the color production of the cameras? Thanks.

Mark Dunkley

Do you also know if it is compatable with the code blur nvr software.


Cms, content management system? Does this display cameras on the screen in a grid and how many at once? Apparently a rieview states that the cam is not accessable through http protocol?



MR NetworkCameraCritic, you do have some awesome reviews man.

I would like to know, the software this cam comes with, how many cams are supported on the software? I need to install 24 of them at a client and would like to know the support on the software side to the server. If not more then 16, Can I run a Virtual machine and in the virtual machine have another software installation that runs the rest?



I got this camera and I do like it a lot, and thank you for your review it pushed me over the edge to get it.

I have one issue with this camera though. I purchased a 32gb micro sd and it’s installed and verified through telnet and PSS that it is writing the files, however I can not download the files through PSS like everyone says you can. Is anyone else getting this issue?

I even updated to newest firmware I think is out there, 2.103.0000.0.R, build : 2012-07-24 so any advice would be appreciated. Can I just ftp or some other method and grab these files?



I apologize in advance for lurking and questioning. Stumbled on your site and I’m interested in a timed trigger event to FTP images to our website via an IP cam. I don’t need motion. Using Panasonic software.

I’m currently using 3 Panasonic cameras to do this and am generally pleased although the image quality is lacking (2 cams are 640 x 480 and one is 1280 x 720). One is on the top of Pikes Peak at 14,110 ft. and subject to extremely harsh conditions but has worked very well overall.

Can you recommend a camera for this? Currently looking for an indoor one (shooting outdoors through glass).

Again, looking for IP cam for FTPing jpegs every minute. Night vision isn’t critical. Image quality is.

I love the price/specs of this Dahua but from your earlier reply it doesn’t seem supported by Blue Iris or similar software needed to FTP.

THank you,



Thanks. looks like i will go ahead and buy the equipments .


Thanks. How about the 3.0 Megapixiel Ir dome compare to this. I notice you mentioned about the Dome has halo effect. Besides this, any other short fall. I am buying the following:

NVR3216 + 4TB hard idsk
ZyXel switches – 16 POE ports
3.0Megapixel Full HD Vandal-proof Network IR Dome Camera – 6
3Megapixel Full HD Network IR-Bullet Camera – 2

Does this make a complete set to run? I will have 4 outside the house and 4 inside the house for the start.

Any comments and recommendations?



Hi thanks for the great review and I am in for this.
I have a question.
I have a backyard that is 15 ft wide and 100 ft long, what camera and lens would you recommend.\

Thanks in advance.



How about Acti D52? Do you plan to test it? It seems to be a good camera.


Do you think that the Dome version of this camera (DH-IPC-HDBW3300) would have the same problems as the test you did with the 2mio version, is it the same chip (I saw your video and the Halo effect was clear, and what I can see from this review is that the bullet dosent have this problem)

Digital D
Hi fmmike – thanks for the reply. I never did recieve a response from Cherry (and note to networkcameracritic … I wrote my email prior to the Chinese New Year – I work for a very large company that has employees all over the world so I knew when it was coming…) anyway — I used their web form on DK site and they wrote me back and wanted additional information before they would quote me prices — such as what my intentions were to use it and if I was a dealer etc. etc (Am I the only one who had to go through this???) So is the pricing you got sub $300 or ??? I’m just wondering because I need to replace some cameras fairly quickly. One thing that interests me other than the HD is the varifocal lens. TO be able to go from wide to tele. The Wide Angle is especially a plus feature to me because many HD cams lens are too restrictive for capturing a large driveway or area. I’m still waiting to hear back from networkcameracritic himself and if he had the opportunity to look over that camera I pointed out on eBay.… Read more »

Hi Digital D….I wrote to Cherry on Sat 1/5 at 4PM EST and she responded quickly and said she’d get back to me next Mon. I assumed next Mon was 1/7 but I guess she must have meant 1/14 because I heard nothing for a week. I was beginning to think networkcamercritic was scamming us.

I sent her a reminder on 1/15 and she quickly responded and said she had been out of the office for a week. Now that she’s back, her responses have been prompt and prices look great.

I’m waiting for the HFW3200S review before I buy, but she has definitely earned my business.

Digital D


I took the initiative and wrote to that sales person from your paragraph above:

“The street price for this camera is under $300. I don’t normally do this but I’ve had a bad experience from one reseller and can vouch for a great reseller that I found at the ISC West show in Las Vegas earlier this year. Her name is Cherry Wae and her email address is waecherry@gmail.com. ”

… but nobody has contacted me back yet. It has been several days. Is there any place else that has competitive pricing that sells this particular camera model?

Also, I have seen this camera listed on eBay for a while now and wondered if you have any experience with this camera / brand:


It has many interesting features but I am curious as to the quality and not familiar with the brand. I didn’t know how else to send you this or I would have sent it through another channel.


-Digital D


Never mind, you do not need to publish my last question. I asked William and I can take the wire loom out of the side of the camera! 🙂


Just got the dome version. Love the quality of the camera compared to my Foscam, haha. It looks like it’s 10x better and it’s only 3x the price 🙂

Is there a mounting bracket/box of some sort you can buy so I can get the wires out of the side instead of the bottom of the camera? I have a wood ceiling, so I don’t want to drill a hole as I will also need a exit hole for the wires. It will not look that great.

I have thought about building a mounting box with some wood. 4x wood beams and put some panel on one side, put in a exit hole for the wires in the side of one of the beams and mount this wooden box to the ceiling with some double sided tape or screws.



Does this model have WDR?
How many watts to operate this camera?


Will this cam work with Blue Iris 3? If not, any recs for a computer based software? I have no need for a full NVR (I don’t think).

Thanks and great review…this camera looks amazing.


I have a Dahua 960h 8 channel hybrid DVR. My question is: with this camera, If im streaming video through the DVR @ 15fps would the resolution be 2mp?


Thanks for all your reviews. I finally found a good quality camera for a good price. I also bought from them.

This camera seems to have all the features that you would need for home security. In my case I will be using it to look at the dog when we are at work. I had the foscam but this is in another league.

I got the dome version with ir. What stuff do I need to buy to get 2 way audio?



I appreciate your reviews, very much, but I have some criticisms for this one.

I understand not wanting to duplicate the previous review, but you should at least link to it.

Your section about NAS recordings and specifically .dav files are confusing. It is unclear if the .dav files play directly in VLC and on Macs or if that is after you have converted them to .avi

On a personal note, I am very disappointed that, even at 3MP, it is still not possible to read the license plate of a passing car or even one across the street. I’d really like to be able to read a license plate at 40 or 50 feet, but $10,000 for a 16MP camera is “just” outside my means.


Nice review,
Why can’t this camera be used at 3mp with a dahua nvr?

Carter Maslan

Does this camera support motion-triggered transfer of JPEG snapshots at 1 frame per second for the duration of the motion event?
Also, does it support HTTP PUT or POST of those motion snapshot JPEGs? (as opposed to FTP only)
Thanks for the detailed review!