Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-IS 3MP IR Varifocal Vandal Dome Review

Where the previously reviewed Hikvision IR mini dome is a very basic camera with limitations, the Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-IS has all the bells and whistles. It’s a full 3-Axis dome, has a microSD card slot with in-camera playback, two-way audio, alarm inputs but also has a nice wide range varifocal lens from a very wide 2.8mm to a good telephoto 12mm. Although it costs a little more than it’s little brother, it’s a far better camera in many respects.

Main Features

  • 1/3” 3 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • H.264 dual-stream encoding
  • 30fps @ 1080P (1920 x 1080) or 15fps @ 3MP (2048 x 1536)
  • 2.8-12mm vari-focal lens
  • Built-in Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot, up to 64 GB
  • Day/Night IR Cut Filter
  • IR LED advertised working distance 30m
  • IP66 Rated Outdoor Bullet
  • Powered by PoE
  • 3D DNR & DWDR & BLC
  • Smartphone apps available

Overall, this is an impressive camera with very good image quality and very good low light performance, well-organized menus and smaller than some of it’s competition but larger than their mini dome.

This is a typical dome with a pigtail with a power and Ethernet jack that comes out the back of the camera plus it has a separate pigtail for alarm and audio. To make the install clean, you’ll need to drill a whole about 1″ diameter to slip the jack inside. It comes with a weatherproof connector should you need it. In order to take advantage of it, you need to cut the Ethernet plug, slip the weatherproof connector through and then crimp on a new RJ45 plug. This may seem like extra work, but it provides the smallest weatherproof adapter I’ve seen, meaning a smaller hole.

Unlike the mini dome, aiming this camera is a lot easier as this is a 3-axis dome and the moving the lens to aim it is smooth and easy. The way it’s mounted is there’s a cast metal plate that attaches to the wall, eave, ceiling and then you attached the camera base with a few machine screws and then attach the dome with the included tool. Much easier to work with in all regards and better made and designed than the mini dome.

Here’s an inside look at the camera, you can see the extra pigtail here for the alarm input as well as the 2 way audio wires. To get to the zoom and focus wands, remove the black plastic cover and tilt the lens down and the wands are in the back, easy to reach and adjust. The IR LEDs are not partially blocked like they are on the mini dome, something that required a larger form factor to accomplish. I got zero IR light bleed from this camera.

This is what the web interface looks like when you first log in. There’s options to take a snapshot, manually record, chose a stream and you can chose the aspect ratio which should be automatic, but it’s not. For example, if you chose 1080P, then you have to click on 16:9, if you chose 3MP mode, then click on 4:3. The default is sort of in between. What’ different here than the previously reviewed Hikvision cameras are the audio controls at the bottom. The speaker volume control in the lower left, the microphone on/off icon in the lower right.

As with the other Hikvision cameras I’ve reviewed, the IP address comes from the factory set to They include a program on a CD called SADP that you run, finds the cameras and you can change the IP address to one that’s appropriate for your home network.

I’ll go over some of the setup screens of interest. After setting the IP address in SADP, you can change it again under Network, but since that’s done, the next step may be configuring the ports if you want to access the cameras from the internet. What I like to do is make them sequential, for example, I would make the HTTP port 8400, RTSP port 8402, HTTPS port 8401 and SDK port 8402 and then in my router I would setup port forward range from 8400-8403. Makes it easier to track which ports go with which camera.

Under Advanced Configuration / System are where you can set the Time Settings, in my case, I used the old standby Windows NTP server to keep all my cameras time synced the same way.

From the Advanced Configuration you can also set the Daylight Savings Time (DST) schedule for your area.

Another screen I use is the OSD settings under Advanced Configuration / Image. Here you can put the on screen displays for date and camera name. I turned off Display Week (which displays the day of week) to make it smaller and moved the date down to the lower right. I turned off camera name (Display Name) for my purposes but you here you can put the location name, like Driveway, Backyard, Office, etc.

One of the things that distinguishes this camera is the audio capabilities.  What’s very clever on this camera is it takes line-in or mic-in. Line-in means it takes an amplified microphone, but this requires a separate power source, but you can use mic-in which takes a standard microphone, no power needed.

The Image settings screen is where you set the image settings like brightness, contrast and exposure. A few interesting things to note is that Video Standard or what many call NTSC vs. PAL is the Video Standard setting, 50hz for PAL and 60hz for NTSC (USA). This controls the frames per second setting under Video/Audio, for example, set at 50hz you can set the max frame rate to 25fps max for 1080P, set at 60hz allows you to set the max rate to 30fps.

Another unique feature on this camera is the microSD card slot and ability to play back recordings. You reach this from the Playback tab and it has a calendar on the right to select a date. There’s a timeline below the image and you can adjust the timeline period using the plus and minus signs. Basically you drag the timeline with your mouse and click play icon to start playing the next video. You can also set the playback speed using the fast forward/rewind buttons just above the timeline. Works very well for those that do not want a separate recording solution. For an in-camera recording solution, this is the best I’ve seen.

You can always  remove the microSD card to find video files, they are in mp4 format but you can also do it easier by clicking the export icon, the second icon from the right that shows a film strip with an arrow. You select which video files to export, click download and it copies them to your PC in the directory setup in Local Configuration menu.

There are several steps to get this working and not always intuitive. The first step is to insert the microSD card in the camera and then format it under the Advanced Configuration / Storage screen and the Storage Management tab. Unlike the NAS feature previously reviewed, this format is a real format, destroys anything you have recorded on the microSD card.

The next step is to setup the “Record Schedule” for motion detection. Note the green color, if it was blue it would record continuously.

The last step is to setup the motion detect criteria. Under Advanced Configuration / Events, check “Enable Motion Detection”. If you check the “Enable Dynamic Analysis for Motion”, it shows green highlights in this screen and in your live view, good for figuring out if you have your motion detect areas setup as you intended. This does not affect recordings. Set the arming schedule and check the box that says “Trigger Channel”. There’s many choices for recording, but this will get you started with video motion detect events. You can also setup an external alarm input, for example a PIR motion detector, a door sensor, a sensor mat to trigger recordings.

Now onto the images. I mounted the camera with the lens set at 2.8mm wide angle in the usual spot, under the eave of my garage. As before, you can click on the image to see the full size 3 megapixel image straight from the camera. Also as before, I set the max exposure time to 1/30th which is a good compromise between low light performance and movement.

This is a day shot with WDR turned off, color balance is quite good and it’s a clear and sharp image but the sharp contrast in the image makes detail in the shadows hard to distinguish.

With WDR set to just 21% you can start to see more details in the shadows of the truck. You can keep going and setting it to 50% would give you even more shadow detail but may make the image look more washed out. A lot of this is personal preference.

At night in B&W night mode, the IR is brighter in the center than on the edge. Not readily apparent because of the street lighting. It’s a nice clear noise free image.

You can run this camera without IR by setting it to Day mode. The image to me is actually a little shaper yet with a little noise, but actually preferable for me. Check out the YouTube videos in this mode, you will be surprised.

In the backyard, where there’s a different mix of lighting, I took this daytime image with WDR off. You can see the sharp contrast from the patio cover and shadows from the chair make it hard to see detail.

With WDR set to 21 you start seeing a lot more detail in the shadows

Go to more of an extreme at 47% and you get less contrast, but even more detail in the shadows. Again, personal preference as to what to set this parameter to.

Next we’ll look at night mode in the backyard. Sometimes you can’t appreciate the lighting conditions until you see them first in color “Day” mode. Not much to see here. Without any light source other than the moon, you won’t see much.

In night mode, with IR LEDs on and WDR off and the camera set to about 4.5mm, you can see the IR illuminator has a hot spot in the center. This is common for wide angle varifocal IR domes as it’s a trade off between making the IR LED’s work best at 2.8mm or 12mm and most manufacturers lean toward the middle of the scale.

But with WDR set to even only 7%, you can start seeing more detail in the shadows but slightly more noise.

Go up to 21% WDR and you get more detail in the shadows. Not sure I would go beyond this as noise because an issue.

Since audio may be one of the motivations for getting this camera, I picked a very cheap mic at Radio Shack, cut the plug off and wired it to the camera. In the real world, I would recommend a higher quality mic made for this purpose that can work outdoors if that’s where this camera is mounted. I set the camera up for MicIn as this mic was not amplified. The sounds quality was as expect, as good as any PC mic. When I set the camera up with Milestone XProtect, it recorded audio as expected. The only thing to note was the video and audio were not sync’ed but close enough for most people, after all, this is for security purposes, not a camcorder.

I uploaded day and night videos to YouTube. I also added a color night time video to show you how well this may work for you at night if you have enough light.  Youtube does not seem to show 3MP anymore but you can still see them in 1080P  mode, you must click on the gear icon and select 1080P quality and then click on the icon with 4 corners to see the video full screen. The videos were extracted from the microSD card on the device.

Day Video

Nightime B&W Video

Nighttime Color Video

For a full featured varifocal dome, this camera is  small and has such great clarity, low light performance, good color accuracy. I found the camera for as low as $259.99 with free shipping from Wrightwood Surveillance, it’s definitely worth trying one out.

The pluses for this camera are;

  • Price & Value
  • Local storage for recording
  • 3-axis dome
  • Very good low light performance in color
  • Audio with Mic-In (easier to deal with than Audio-In but still has that option)
  • 3MP, 1080P or 720P resolution
  • Alarm input for those that want the ability to use a PIR motion detector
  • Day/Night IR Cut Filter
  • Ability to record to NFS and playback from the camera

The shortcomings for this camera are;

  • IR LED coverage could be better for wide angle lens settings

Click here to go to the company web page for the camera.



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Jon Beining

Great article. I have two cameras and would like your advise on setting up the second camera. You recommend using Ports 8400-8403 for the camera you tested. What Ports do you recommend for a second camera etc.

anya chiu

Thoughtful writing ! I Appreciate the info ! Does anyone know if my business could access a sample DS-230 version to complete ?

I just bought this camera through Amazon. I was in a panic when I realized that it shipped with no install CD and the owners manual was in Chinese. I’m a novice to this, which is why I also purchased an 8 port PoE Hikvision NVR. I plugged it in to the NVR and used the set up camera function through the NVR software and the camera works fine. BUT…I’m looking at the screen shots above and it looks like there’s so many other functions I’d like to tweak with the actual camera software, as well as adjusting the angle and the vari-focal lens…I’m clueless on how to do that (please someone publish a Youtube video!). I have 3 questions for this board aside from the adjusting issue: 1. If I put an SD card in the camera locally will it screw up my NVR? Doing this solely as backup should someone break in and steal the NVR. 2. I want to buy a cheap and easy microphone for the camera. I have no power locally at the camera, solely off of PoE. Any suggestions? 3. Hikvision makes an outdoor dome PTZ that runs off PoE+. What the hell is… Read more »

Don’t be looking for support for your cameras when ordering form China. YouTube is your friend. There have been reports of problems with updating the firmware of cameras/NVRs from China. The ones I have ordered worked fine, no reason to update firmware, so I have not.


I have ordered from various Chinese sources four times with no problems.
For Hikvision cameras, the best bet is to use a Hikvision NVR. I would suggest either Hikvision DS-7616NI-E2 or DS-7608NI-E2. Find them in ebay easily. Mixing NVR brand and camera brands is asking for trouble – some camera features may not be supported on an NVR of another brand.


Hi, really enjoyed reading your indept review on the Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-IS POE 3MP IP66 Network VF 2.8-12mm IR Audio Dome Camera
I recently did an extension on my house and ran CAT6 cable for 4 camera instillation points.
I cannot run any additional cables.
I found this camera on Ebay
If you clicked on the link you will see it originates from China. Would you consider this an issue or a safe bet to purchase from.
I am a novice regarding instillation but am always willing to have a go.
Will my CAT6 work without any additional cables?
What will not work?
What is a good NVR for these cameras?
I would really appreciate your advice on this.


correction. had seven cameras connected to the switch, the eighth port was needed for the CAT6 connection back to the other Switch in my office. adding an eighth camera forced an upgrade to a larger switch. When choosing a switch, look a the total POE power available from the switch. For best results, your total POE power consumption should be only about 50% of the total power available from the switch. If you need more power for your cameras, buy a bigger switch or arrange for an alternate power source for some of your cameras. Another POE power-saving option is to set up additional IR Illuminators that are powered independently, and turn of the IR illumination on some of your cameras (turning IR “off” saves about 3w of power per camera)


When faced with wiring limitations, the easiest answer is to put a 1 gigabit switch with POE at the end of one of your CAT6 cables, then run multiple cameras back to that switch. Works like a charm. I have had eight cameras connected to a Zyxel POE gigabit switch (GS1900-8HP) on my porch which uses a single CAT6 to connect those cameras back to another another Zyxel gigabit switch in my office. Works great. Later upgraded the remote switch to a Netgear JGS516PE which works great too.


Quick installation question on connector size. I am looking to replace 2 analog cameras on the front of my building, the current camera cabling is run through 1/2 hard conduit through a brick wall. Am I going to be able to run the new cabling though this conduit? The connector that comes on the camera looks too big to fit, or is it? If I run the network cable out through the conduit, and can I make the connection inside the camera housing and conceal/store the connections inside as an alternative? Would I be better off to clip the female connector off and crimp on a male connector and make the connection inside the building, which also brings up how long is the network cable on the cable? What is your opinion on the best solution for my situation, I would like try to avoid remove the conuit and making the holes in the masonry larger (wall thickness is about 12 inches)?


Typo on the above second to last question how long is the network cable on the camera?


I had changed the IP address of my camera to

If I change my PC subnet address to : my PC will not communicate with the camera.

Shouldn’t I keep the same subnet address I had, to communicate with the camera
to do the firmware update?

Maybe after the upgrade the IP address of the camera will change to the default address.


The menu is chinses, but thru chrome it was able to translate it to english. Can I canhe the configuration to get an english menu?


I never changed the password, so it remained as the default.


Hello there,
have always restored cameras with TFTP and it has always worked .

I now have a camera DS – 2CD2732F – IS Dome varifocal .

I ‘m doing everything the manual FTP Automatic Update Tool says .

Connect the camera directly to 12V and the PC and change the network card to and turn off all firewalls .

Nothing happens , the LED on the LAN port on the computer are off.

In the other camera the LED on the LAN port lights from the PC .

What can I do ?


got this one a few weeks ago from China (fw 5.2.5)
i can record continuously and get email when motion detection but to record only when motion does not record anything at all.
i dropped a thread on the ipcamtalk forum but i find it hard to believe i am the only one with this problem (5.2.5. been around for some time i believe)
my guess other similar models with this fw should have the same issue.
maybe soms folks here around that can confirm ?
please drop your full fw version.
i could probably put the 5.3.0 on it to see if it works but that would probably revert it to chinese. but love to hear from others first before i start bricking my cam.


About a month ago, I changed the http port to 5080 so I could forward reference the camera through
my router. I checked it many times and it was okay.
A couple days ago I tried to access it thru firefox and I was prompted by the logon screen in chinese. I think it needs chinese text to allow me to login.
I did not attempt the firmware update or anything fancy like that.


This camera was working well for almost a year.
I just tried to login thru the browser to find the menu is all in Chinese and it will not
accept the default login.
How can I recover from that?


Hi thank you for your help and advice. FYI: This button will reset everything to the factory settings. So happy days you do not need sent any info to Hikvision. Also that’s link you have sent do not reset password on this camera maybe on Chinese version but not this EU version.

Do you know how to reset Hikvision NVR 7600 Series? It’s probably similar button inside recorder as well as camera?



Can someone help with password I forgot to my camera want to reset to admin 12345
Is a button reset can that be done, please confirm how long I have to hold button? Thanks


Hi everyone can Hikvision camera 2732F dos it have reset button to factory settings in case I forgot login password? I know it’s have button to reset to factory settings. Bit someone mentioned that’s it’s only going to reset network settings not password and login details. I want camera to be reset to admin 12345. Is it possible to do that on this camera? Thanks for your help and advice


Mark Hadley


I have set up the camera on our school network and so far so good. The storage was set to a computer over the network, but nothing was entered for the NAS settings. I have two main questions that myself and the network guys cant figure out…

1) When you are in live view mode, how do you get the camera to start it’s continuous recording (set up on the schedule as continuous), without having to have the page open on Firefox. When i close firefox, the recording stops. I have access to the main control program, should i be starting the recording from here?

2) We want the camera to record an image every minute, so that we can make timelapses of the weather. So far, we have not been able to do this. Under the advanced settings/storage/snapshot, the box is ticked for enable timing snapshot, but nothing happens. I am assuming that the camera has to be recording continually for this to happen?

So, the most important one being the snapshot, any ideas on how i can get this to work?


Prakash Ponraman

we have been installed Hikvision Ds2010I and we need NAS for storage, how can get this Hikvision free or paid NAS?


I am an amateur and have used Hikvision VMS-4200 free software for some time now. It does not record video, so I have been trying NFS for a while, with no luck. The easiest solution by far is to get hikvision cameras that have a TFT (SD micro) card slot and set the camera up to record on the chip. Continuous recorded in a 64gb SDmicro chip will record aout 1.5 days on high video setting.
For ease of playback nothing beats a Hikvision NVR which in my case, as proven the easiest/cheapest solution.

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It’s great that you are getting ideas from this post as well
as from our argument made at this place.


Hi, would you have any idea what might be wrong when I’m not able to download recordings into PC. I have made the setup in local Configuration menu. When browsing the direcory through HIK, I can see that subfolders of that date has been created. And the downloading process itself seem to be gone ok. BUT, I can’t see anything (not even the subfolders) when loking directly in Windows Explorer (Win 8.1). No hidden etc. files exist either. What is blocking the download into Win?



Hi Network Camera Critic,

Your blog is very good and I wished I found it sooner.
I have a customer with a Hikvision 7616 NVR, with the built in 8 port POE switch.
It is supposed to be able to take a total of 16 IP cams.

The customer wants a 9th camera. I got another POE switch.
Please advise me on the correct connection sequence:
– NVR to POE switch to router OR
– POE switch to NVR to router OR
– NVR & POE switch cabled independently to router

Thanks and keep up your good worked.

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Utsav Gupta

Hi, i was just comparing the Night Vision of this camera with other cameras like of Honeywell and other local vendors, it has more night vision clarity in its class, does this depend upon the different IR Leds the company uses ?
Do you know which company
IR Leds, HIKVision uses ?

Thank You.

Hi, this is my first message on your site and I have to say that I’m impressed of how much useful information I was able to find here. I recently purchased one Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-IS camera and I need your help to find answers to the following questions: – if I use a 32GB microSD card (inserted inside the camera) how many days I can record? I will setup the camera to record only when motion is detected in front of my home door and on the driveway? – if I have a power outage inside the house and the camera will loose the connection to the router, the recording will stop ? (the camera will get power from a POE switch connected to a UPS). – any idea if I can paint the cover of the camera? I want the camera to have same color as the front wall where will be installed (black)? Any paint recommended (spray paint etc) ? – the cable that goes out from the camera has 4 connectors at the end (Ethernet, microphone1, microphone2 and alarm). Because it’s almost impossible to pass these 4 connectors through the hole, is it possible to detach the cable… Read more »

hi. I think 32gb will record about .75 days of continuous recording at a high video level. On motion detection, it varies wildly depending on sensitivity of the triggers and the field of view of the camera. Shadows trip my video recording frequently, (especially around noon when shadows are strong and move in the wind) and I record about 5 days on a 64gb microSD card at a high video setting.


Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful article.
Thank you for providing these details.

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Chuck K

Can this camera be mounted upside down on a desk or shelf with the image inverted to correct? thx

jack biederman

Great blog! having both this model and the 2032 model, this model is my favorite. Regarding the 3-axis: The camera rotates only about 45 degrees to either side. If you want to rotate the camera a full 90 degrees, you will want to use a bullet model.

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Very good post. I certainly love this website. Keep it up!

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Hi, I’ve recently upgraded to a DS-2CD2732F from a DS-2CD2132-I 4MM. I must be doing something wrong, as the image quality is not as good as the old camera. The image is also more narrow compared with the 4MM. I have played with the wands (and ended up unscrewing it) – which wand is for what? any tips as the angle of the camera I can’t get access to the wands. Perhaps it is best to free hold the camera to the area I want and focus that way before mounting?

sorry about all the questions.. your reviews have been brilliant!


HI I have connected direct to my iMac and set the port open
using an ip scanner it finds it but has no mac address,


Hi there,
I’ve just bought my second one of these but cannot view the configuration screen on the new added cam. The first cam works fine. On the new cam I can see the ‘live view’ ‘log’ and ‘playback’ screens but for some reason NOT the configuration screen.

My settings as shown by SADP:
camera 1 (works fine):
IPv4 address, port 8402, 5.1.0 build 131202, IPv4 gateway

camera 2 (no configuration screen showing):
IPv4 address, port 8402, 5.2.3 build 141024, IPv4 gateway

I’m trying to access via Firefox ver 35.0.1 on WinXP. I’ve tried powering up with the reset button pressed. Wondering if it’s to do with my ports? Weird as I can view the video from the said camera but cannot access the configuration screen.
Both were bought from Aliexpress (yes I know but retail about 3 x the price here in New Zealand!).

Any ideas on what could be causing this or how to fix would be greatly appreciated.


Can I factory reset this camera manually ? HIKVISION DS 2CD2732F IS

Is there a switch inside?

it shows up on network ip scanner as ” HIKVISION DS 2CD2732F IS 484294713 ip address MAC ADDRESS UNKNOWN

I can’t connect to site to reset it !

Using Apple IMac computer running Yosemite

can’t connect with IVMS – 4200 ( it does show camera but won’t connect / login ?

Please help

Many Thanks



Brian many thanks you have been a graet help


Brian, managed to get into my router and get all addresses, NOW have video via safari, sighthound used the H.264 HIKvision camera, and also with security spy, only set it up direct into router via ethernet cable so far.
I need to try it with the two devolo 200 av plus power line wifi plugs next and get that to work.

do I need a static ip address long term?


Bian, Can you help
Just bought this camera
tp-link injector to power it
sighthound and security spy trials

connected camera to my router and tried to set up with my router ip address and the camera username and password,
Sighthound setup with router ip address, but nets party? what is this please?
tried security spy with same details and camera not found, red light on in camera….

Tried to connect it direct to iMac ethernet port again not found,
Is there an idiot guide i can use to set this up on my iMac or can you advise please


Sighthound will record to the computers local HD, I think there may also be options for FTP. And they now integrate with IFTTT.com

I have mine setup so sighthound records all motion and alerts me only on people detection. The SD card on the camera also records all motion. So I have 2 copies of everything in case one fails.

I do also use security spy but only for live viewing. I don’t really have a reason to pay for the pro version in order to record since I already have 2 other systems recording.

If you want alerts you really can’t beat sighthound, standard digital motion detection tends to be less reliable and will send you a ton of false positives every few minutes.


With sighthound can you set it to record on the sd card or mac hard disk only when motion is detected.
Is the a live view setup for the iphone.

Did you compare this with security spy software


Thanks, do you use a mac as well?
Does your setup allow for motion detection to set it off, and notify you via iPhone 6 can .
Do you record to sd card?
Sorry so many questions as new to this.
I want to view he top ofmy drive / driveway as a long drive only one way in and the front door.


Checkout Sighthound.com, I have it working with this camera on a mac mini that runs 24/7. They have an app that will send notifications to any ios device. The best part is that it is based off of people detection and not just motion detection so you avoid a lot of false alerts from trees, cars or just lighting changes.


I recently purchased this same camera and now have it located at my front door. I have it set up so that the microphone and external speakers work. The software I use is Blue Iris, so I am able to use my iPhone 6 and receive notifications, plus talk to anyone who comes up to my front door, no matter where I am located around the world.

I highly recommend this setup. I’ve tried many other approaches before, but this one works consistently.


What external speaker are you using?


I picked up a small, cheap outside Bluetooth speaker and plugged it into power using the external power port on the speaker (mini-usb connection for power). It is located under the eave of my house, next to my front door.

Next, I split one end of the speaker wire cable, connecting the ground wire to the ground connection “OUT” of the camera, and the speaker sound wire to the second “OUT” connection.

Works like a charm!


I was hoping to initally to only record to sd card 64gb only when set off but also have live view on my iphone 6 as and when set off ot to look when i wanted. It will be only oneof these.
Longer term i was looking to get a portable drive 2tb to store much the same on
Is that feasable ?
Is there any another cctv software that will help run this from my Other than the hikvision


Ds2cd2732f-going to get one and setup on imac
Going to set up wifi power via injector and cat 6 cables
Have seen it unboxed and there is a mini disc in box.imac wont be able o load disc as imac doest take these.
What software do i need from hikvision to run this on my mac and iphone 6?
Do i need any thing else?
Any links anvice to how to install this on mac?
Thanks in advance


My 2CD2132 didn’t have any mini disc, but maybe you can use this for your version:

Jack Biederman

Great review!

I will use several of these cameras in my “all Hikvision” system, consolidated by XProtect Go.

May I request a topic of how to set up these cameras to record based on a trigger from an external motion sensor? Are some external sensors better than others?

Thank you again for the detail in your reviews! Your reviews have been super helpful in determining the setup of my new system.

Without your reviews, I may not have ventured down this road at all. THANK YOU!



The camera actually has a separate pigtail for alarms and clearly marks the pairs “input” and “output”


As I re-read this long thread, more and more of my questions are answered above.
“Optex LX-402 or Bosch OD850” and I will continue to search for wiring info.

Thanks again for providing this great resource!


Richard OBrien


Really nice review – I’m considering this for my first camera to cover my back garden.
Can this camera be mounted directly onto a wall, as I was hoping to fix it above the patio doors ?
Also can you recommend a good quality ptz that won’t break the bank ?
Thanks Richard


I have installed this camera an a patio in the city – pretty good ambient lighting, not pitch black. At night time, in both day mode and night mode, the video has a lot of lines running through it – almost like a TV with bad reception. I’ve copied the settings in the demo above – your night time views in both modes look great. I wanted to see if you’ve heard of this problem before and possible solutions. My day time picture is great, so I’m having trouble figuring it out.


How do I use the alarm input and output? What voltage and current does the input accept? And what sort of relay (how many volts/mA) do I need to make use of the alarm output?


I set up my camera and it’s working fine except one thing. I’m using Hikvision’s DDNS and when I visist http://www.hik-online.com/myUserName then this page forwards me to my current IP. The problem that this URL ending with :0 port and 404 page appears.
So I visit http://www.hik-online.com/myUserName and then a new URL will be this
After removing :0 the admin page loads. I tried differnt setting with my routers ports and in the camera setting but I couldn’t find what is the problem. Login to http://www.hik-online.com doesn’t contain any settings page.
Thank you!


we are in need of DS2CD2532FIS – 12 nos, suggest seller company names.


Thank you
Noted, but its comes with multi lanaguage, we can choose english, any other disadvantages to that camera?


Hi Guys
what is the difference between chinese version IP camera (DS2CD2532FIS) and English version camera?
Chinese version will support all software and NVR? and brief the differece.



Sorry I’ll be a bit offtopic but I hope yu can help. 🙂 I bought a Hikvision 2CD2132 dome camera with 2.8 lens. This has 2 line of leds in 2 circles bit the second line of leds are covered by the a lens hood (?). After your comment I think it is made by purpose to avoid the IR light reflections. I tried to remove this lens hood but it seems it’s fixed.
To make myself more clear I send you some pictures. Any help is very appreciated.



One more question please,
I have no PoE enabled router so I’m using a 12V DC adapter 1A. 12V DC is ok but unfortuntely I couldn’t find any documentation about Amper. I tried to find a compatible accessorie and check what is recommended but I’m not sure. At a German portal guys using also 1000mA adapter, but Hikvision DVR-s has 1500mA adapters. Which one do you recommend?
Many thanks.


I purchased this microphone: (VideoSecu High Sensitive Audio Pickup Device)

Wired it up to the Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I(S) and can’t get any audio. I had an extra RCA cable laying around that I cut off and stripped the ends and wired it up to the screw terminals. Just in case it required DC power, I used a spare DC adapter I had from a linksys router. It had similar specs and same plug type. No audio with DC plugged in either. Video still looks great.

A) Did I get a mic that will work with this unit?
B) What is the correct way to hook it up?



Love this review…

Was hoping you could recommend a camera for me though… What I don’t like about this one is that it requires a 1″ hole, and I’m hoping to install a camera between my main front door and my screen door. I’d rather not drill a 1″ hole to fish the pigtails through the door jamb.

I’d rather just drill a 1/4″ hole to fish through a small power line, and use wifi back to my router. Ideally with audio (one way is fine, just want to hear what is going on outside, not carry on a conversation)

Smartphone access (non-subscription) is important to me. As is hopefully good low light performance.

Price is not my #1 priority, but would rather not go overboard.

I’m open to either a bullet or dome, and may consider installing outside, above my front door header, in which case a dome might be better. (In which case this camera would have been great if not for the 1″ hole issue)

Thank you 🙂


I posted a video showing this camera in use. I traded out my 2032, 4mm bullet for this one. We get a LOT of wind in my area and I found the bullet would wave like a flag (mainly due to the mounting point, under the edge of the roof, on the thin siding material of the over-hang).

Here’s a link to the video. Your UPS vids inspired me! 😉



Bought this camera & installed a SD card for recording. I now have a Hikvision NVR with a hard drive installed. Can I leave the SD card in the camera. If so, when recording will it record to both the SD card & Hard drive or just to the hard drive.


Just want to thank you for this page.
Bought this camera with english firmware.
Works like a charm.

1 thing is sad though….that your page delivers more info then the suppliers…

2 tips for the other readers without http://FTP…I set up a GMail-account and images are emailed.

For the remote viewing app: I use iHIK together with hiddns.com


Hello, I love this site.

Would you have any pics demonstrating the extreme ranges of the zoom on this camera? Something that would show an object at 2.8mm and the same object, from the same position at 12mm?

I know I could find ‘comparison’ shots of camera focal lengths on the web, but they wouldn’t necessarily be from this camera showing it’s specific range.

Have you used this one at 12mm? What did you think?

Thank you,

arye pare

How to connect 48v power supply with one Passive POE Splitter direct only to RJ45 pigtail on DS-2CD2732F-IS CAM?


I have read through your review and nearly all of the comments (which are a lot) 🙂

I have a HIKVISION DS-7616NI-SE/P NVR with an existing DS-2CD2332-I CAM connected to one of the POE ports and everything is working fine. The CAM was recognised by the NVR automatically and it worked pretty much out of the box.

I have tried connecting a DS-2CD2732F-IS CAM to the same NVR today simple using a 2nd POE port and whilst the CAM LED’s illuminate, the CAM itself is not recognised by the NVR.

Any idea why I can’t get the DS-2CD2732F-IS to work, at the moment I’m suspecting a faulty unit which will be a right pain 🙁

Thanks in advance.


I want to purchase the ds-cd2732f-is dome and install it under my eave. The height to the ground will be about 20′. I’ll have to use a ladder to get it all mounted but I’m worried about having to go up and down the ladder a bazillion times to get to get it all focused in. Is there an easy way to nave everything connected up including a viewer and then I can sit near by and get a simulated view and play with the focus until I’m happy and then go up and do a final mounting? I’m assuming I would just need the SD card installed and power to the camera along with a tablet for a viewer, what else would I need to make this work?


I want to buy an sd card for the ds-2cd2632f-is I just purchased. Some people have mentioned that some of the 64gb cards don’t work. Which brand,type, and capacity do you suggest.

Debbie Martin

Is there any way that you can share the live view of the Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-IS to show live view only without being able to change any configuration settings? The only options are for operator or user, but the user option can still change some settings. Thank you!


Thank you for your information.

I tried to locate the 2732 at Wrightwood and found it is likely out of stock (again). After a subsequent search using Google’s Shopping tool found numerous vendors. After reading this entire review, on your recommendation, I’ve become wary of certain sellers.

However, at the bottom of this page: http://www.hikvision.com/en/us/distributionPartner-india.asp?cid=17 I found this link: http://www.hikvision.com/en/us/UnauthorizedDistributors.asp

Is this some sort of mistake? Although I’ve found your site so incredibly valuable, quite frankly, the phenomenal credibility you’ve handily mastered has been somewhat tarnished by this discovery.

Where am I to purchase this product without wondering about a USA versus China version or possible future firmware issues.


Thanks for all your hard work doing the reviews.. Given your reviews i have purchased a couple of these cameras. The one camera i currently have setup for the last couple of weeks is going well. However today i noticed the playback back in the web interface is no longer properly aligned with the bars that indicate a recording. The time position is correct though. Using the iVMS4200 app on my phone the bars are aligned so it must be something with the browsers. I have tried both IE and Firefox and have rebooted the camera. The *only* thing that has changed is i had to adjust the time to compensate for Daylight Savings this morning (forward 1 hour), but i didn’t try any playback before then and the time shift is not 1 hour. Until this point i haven’t had any major issues with it. Has anyone encountered a similar issue?



After some fiddling around, rebooting the camera a few more times it has come good. No idea what happened though. Hopefully it doesn’t become a regular thing. I really wanted to avoid resetting the camera to defaults and setting it up again. Also has anyone got a 128GB card to work ? i bought a cheap one (Samsung Class6) and it didn’t work (was hopeful, but not expecting it to work). Card was recognised just fine, but format failed at 26%. It did create the 4x32GB partitions on the card, but wouldn’t go further than that so i’ve stuck to a 64GB card for now. Cheers !

Mikey Sky

On the playback timeline, you have red lines that represent areas that a motion has been detected. My timeline was showing the same which was great so you could jump to the scenes that had detection. For some reason now, these lines don’t show and I just get a straight blue line.

I can’t seem to get it to show and nothing was changed in the first place to stop it from working. I want the camera to record all the time but on playback, have the timeline playback show the moments of detection. How can I get this to work again?


I just got my HIK 2732 and after a bit of a struggle, i finally managed to connect to it, via browser (Safari/Mac).

I got it installed, zoomed and focused correctly, using live view directly from camera and Safari – closing up the camera thinking everything is okay.

30 minutes later live view from NVR is a lot of stibes (so connection is there) and i am having very hard times connecting to the camera through Safari (sometimes i get a white screen with a line of text (word Hikvision is included, so some kind of connection is there) – some times i get an error ‘could not connect’. Once every 50th time, i can log onto camera, but live view is still a bunch of stribes.

Any idea how to proceed ?
I tried resetting camera, but i’m not quite sure how ? (manual says nothing about this)


Is the vari-focal lens adjustable from the webpage or only from the camera itself?


Just finished reading your review on the on the HikVision DS-2CD2732F-IS. Very informative review. Not sure this is the place to ask these questions. I am new at this.If not, I apologize. Have a few questions.
1. Which would you recommend: the dome or bullet version and why.
2. Can camera be mounted on overhang vinyl soffet. Wondering if vinyl soffet will support weight of camera.
3. What 8 channel NVR would you recommend
4. Confuse on Chinese version vs USA version in reference to warranty, technical support, being able to obtain & install upgraded software. Could you clarify.
5. Is there any other similar camera you would recommend.


I noticed this camera is listed as 20fps @ 3MP on Hikvisions site but it is listed as 15fps @ 3MP on other sites. Which is correct?


60Hz: 20fps (2048 × 1536), 30fps (1920 × 1080), 30fps (1280 × 720)


Thank you for your valuable reply.

2532f-is model audio recording to be very clear? or some noise will be added.


Just got the varifocal 3mp dome camera in the mail today from Wrightwood Surveillance. Build quality looks very good. I was able to hook it up to my laptop to login to and check out the live view. Easy to get in. Powered off the unit and put in a 32GB SD card. Turned it back on and the SD card shows up and I formatted it.

Set up the motion record events as laid out in this review (20 & 40 sensitivity). Rebooted the device. Did a bunch of dancing in front of the unit and did not get any video recorded to SD card. Haven’t mounted it yet just on top of the table.

Thanks for the review, BTW! Wrightwood had a sale for $249.99 also, hard to beat that.


Suggest me for hikvision 3 MP IP IR dome camera with inbuilt audio and memory card slot.

Paul Smith

I read somewhere about using IR detection but can not find where I read about it. Do you have any suggestions for hardware that would be compatible with the 2732?



Please confirm an audio recorder facility available in this model?


Hi, hoping you can offer some advice. I can’t for the life of my figure out how to sort out the motion detect recording on the camera side. I am running an Intel NUC with Milestone Xprotect Go, and 4 of these Hikvision cameras. When browsing the hikvision settings on the cameras IP. I have followed quite a few guides/instructions online, where I enable the motion detection, set up the events time frame, but in Storage, can’t seem to find a way to have my NUC’s hard drive there. Is this actually possible? If so what could I be doing wrong or what do I need to do? Or am I just better off running the motion detection through Milestone? The only disadvantage to this that I am aware of is the higher cpu usage.

Thank you


This superb review finally convinced me to buy this camera. Thanks! I’m still struggling with the fact that my ISP provides dynamic IP address and respective cable modem is totally disabled to modify any port forwarding… Bridged mode is the way to go, but that has some issues to solve first.

BUT, my current showstopper is the unpleasant fact that the Hikvision iVMS-4200 is not applicable for Windows 8 64bit OS!?! I’m quite disappointed about this…

So, my question is, what would be the alternative software to manage this Hikvision camera in a way that all the nice features are still available? I may not need audio features etc. but appreciate e.g. features related to motion detection settings. Freewares or other decently priced “full versions”? Thank you already in advance.


Hello Networkcameracritic owner.

For the PoE cable, do you use the outdoor cat5/cat5e cable when you connect to your outdoor ip cameras? What kind of features/requirements of the cat5e cable that must have so that I can use it for the outdoor? Since I live in Toronto, Canada, the temperature in the Winter can be -30 degree celcius or below. Thank you for your help.


I am lucky that I found your website before making a purchase oft his dome camera. Thank you for a very good review. I have a few questions that I hope you can help me:

1) what is the difference between the model without (s) such as HIKVISION DS-2CD2732F-I and a model with (s) such as HIKVISION DS-2CD2732F-IS?

2) From wrightwoodsurveillance.com website, I found a “PoE Injector Wall Plug Style” (http://wrightwoodsurveillance.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=67&products_id=318) which says it is 48V and 0.5A output. Can I use that POE injector for this ip camera?

3)If I can use the above POE injector, will it burn this camera because this camera only takes in 12V?

Thank you very much for your reply.


I just received this same camera and have set it up. I’m having trouble with the motion detection feature. I have configured everything through the web portal of the camera and have told it to save the snapshots and recorded files to the computer. I can successfully manually record the live view to the computer as well as save snapshots to the computer as configured. I am also successfully receiving motion detection emails when ever there is motion. However, I’m confused because the camera is not actually saving any recorded video to the computer (and there is no SD card in the camera either).

Am I missing a critical setting somewhere? Am I absolutely required to have some sort of NVR software (other than the camera side/web portal) to be able to record to the computer? I have a Mac which is why I’m trying to get away with using just the web portal. Thoughts? Thanks.


I was planning on using it with motion detection to try and avoid some of the false alarms due to shadows from the trees.. Thanks again!


Have you had a chance to play around with the motion detection expert settings on the new firmware?


I’ve had no issues with my 2, I wiped down with some isopropyl alcohol wipes after the initial install and the most I’ve had to do is wipe each dome with a soft cloth after rain droplets dried on the dome leaving a ghosting effect and the obligatory brush with a broom to clear away the cobwebs.


To me it looks like the IR lights are reflecting back at the camera from the tree leaves that are to the top right and bottom left of the camera.


I too have had this issue.

Anything you recommend to keep them clean/prevent them from getting dirty aside from cleaning them daily? It seems even after a cleaning, they suffer from this issue almost immediately.


I really enjoy reading all of your posts. They are extremely informative. This post actually convinced me to purchase this camera a couple of weeks ago. So far everything has been working very well during the daytime. However, at night the picture becomes very washed out in “Night” mode when the IR LEDs are illuminated. I included a few screenshots from the camera’s web interface in the following album: http://imgur.com/a/D17FQ I was wondering if you could provide any insight into this problem. In all of the images, WDR is set at 20. The only variable is the Gain level which is noted above each screenshot. One interesting thing, when the camera is in “Day” mode for a while at night and then switched to “Night” mode, there is a brief instance when the image is perfect. I assume this is when the IR LEDs are firing up? Is there a way to decrease their intensity or is my issue unrelated to the IR light being produced? One other thing to note, the camera is mounted under an eave above a garage looking into an alley. There is some ambient light from street lights but not much as seen in the… Read more »

Thanks for the info

Any idea how this camera compares to the DS-2CD4332FWD-IZHS re image quality? I’m interested in the higher WDR (apparently it’s 120dB with the 4332), and I’m wondering if it comes at the cost of washing out the image as you show/describe.


I had a few focus problems too. I found that if you find ANY spot that’s focused clear, make tiny movements on the zoom and bring the focus up to get it clear again. Keep going in tiny bits and eventually you’ll get to the ‘happy place’

In summary, use the smallest adjustments possible.


I recently purchased the bullet version of this same camera.

Any tips to offer on adjusting the varifocal lens???

I find I can only zoom thru 1/2 of the available range before I get to the point where I can no longer focus. I need to zoom in just a tad more but cannot get the image to come into focus whilst as noted there remains considerable zoom remaining. Must be something I’m doing wrong as I can’t imagine the design only allowing 50% of the zoom range to be used while in focus????

Thanks for the tips.


Great thread of very useful information.

I recently purchased two of these cameras as well as the DS-1227ZJ in ceiling mounts.

Does anybody have any experience with these mounts and this camera. I am having difficulty mounting the camera inside the thing as when I do, the plastic cover of the in-ceiling mount does not sit flush with the rest of the unit.

I used the metal plate that comes with the camera to attach it to the in-ceiling mount and then mount the camera on it. But as mentioned, it protrudes ever so slightly, enough so that the plastic cover cant be screwed on properly. 🙁

Appreciate input from folks who have experience with this specific mount.



Thank you so much for your reviews and videos. I was actually about to place an order for this model from Wrightwood a couple days ago, however, they are out of stock 🙁

I was wondering if you could provide any experience or advice about AmmoVision or ESCAM branded cameras? I was looking for an IP camera in the price range of the Hikvision 2732 that included an option of audio and the varifocal lens (we aren’t quite sure which lens we will ultimately need for the locations we are placing them). I thought one varifocal camera 2.8mm-12mm would give us a nice estimate of the fixed lens size to order. We will most likely go with the Hikvision 2032 bullet cameras once the testing is complete and I would place this one off varifocal camera somewhere strategic in the setup.

Are the Ammovision Q11 and ESCAM HD3300V varifocal bullets comparable to the Hikvision? Or are they off brands that we should stay away from?

Thank you.


I uninstalled everything and reinstalled it again and got all the correct ip addresses and hey presto! It worked. Couldn’t get it to find the SD cards though, so unable to record.
Tried again tonight and nothing would connect again 🙁 I have the team viewer idea lined up for the morning.
Thanks for the advice and fingers crossed.

Good Morning Everyone. I was up past 2am reading this entire blog last night and blown away at how helpful and knowledgeable you guys truly are! Here I come to offset the knowledgeable bit at least. Just installed two of these 2732’s with their own power supplies, their own microsd memory cards and individual Ethernet cables running about 10 feet into the house where they connect to their own powerlink adaptors. The power link adaptors were all tested on two different laptops to prove they not only work, but work very well indeed. I am having a whole world of pain trying to get the software showing me what the cameras must be seeing and my neighbours from hell are due back from their vacation tomorrow and will be distraught that we replaced all the plants and flowers they destroyed the day before they left!! First problem I encountered was with the sadp software. After installing it AND the associated iVMS software that came with the cameras (from N*** security) I briefly saw my two cameras picked up and showing a RED number 2 in the number of cameras found. Seconds later the two cameras disappeared and for the life… Read more »
mark davis

Is the 2-way audio for this camera full-duplex or half-duplex? Is the audio available via web browser, ios app, and nvr? For those interfaces that do support audio, is the support consistent (ie full-duplex) across all?

Finally, what are the limits for simultaneous connections?




I was thinking about mounting this camera on the side of the house to cover the driveway. I wont be using the wall mounting bracket. My concern is to do with rain droplets on the dome itself. Do you think it will cause problems?

Ben Davis

Hey Kyle. That’s how I have mine mounted. In hindsight, I would have bought the dome mount and not mounted it directly to the side of the garage. The dome definitely get a bit dirty from rainwater etc… although it’s easy to occasionally clean up. But during rain showers, even light ones, rain hitting the dome direct;y makes motion detection go nuts. If you’s would be even modestly protected, it might be fine. Mine is totally exposed.


how to coonect it to dvr
i know that there is a plug on the top of the camera but how to get the cable out of the cover of the camera

Marco Tinman

I have been able to set the email properly. So I can state that email functionality does work. My issue was I had the SMTP server info was wrong (different from what my service provider had advertised on their page) and the port was 465. Once everything came in place, the email functionality works great.


Great review as always!

I was drawn to this camera because of the audio, but now I can’t find it for sale anywhere! Your link to Wrightwood doesn’t resolve anymore, and it’s not on Amazon. Where is a reputable place to find these cameras at a good price?

Or alternatively, what’s a good outdoor dome (not too expensive) with two-way audio?


Quick question. I’ve installed 3 of these around the house. I can ping them/change settings but I’m not able to get any type of image out of them when viewing through a browser – all it shows me is a black screen in live preview.

Anything that I can quickly check?