Hikvision DS-2CD3332-I 3MP Outdoor Eyeball/Turret/Mini Dome Camera Review

Here’s an camera that is called by different names, even on the manufacturers website. Sometimes it’s called a mini dome, a turret but most in the industry refer to this as an eyeball camera. Sort of a cross between a bullet and dome. Has the ease of installation and easier aiming of a bullet, but the round more compact shape of a mini dome without some of the negatives associated with domes.

Main Features

  • 1/3” 3 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • H.264 dual-stream encoding
  • 30fps @ 1080P (1920 x 1080) or 20fps @ 3MP (2048 x 1536)
  • 4mm or 2.8mm fixed focal lens
  • Day/Night IR Cut Filter
  • IR LED advertised working distance 30m
  • IP66 Rated Outdoor Eyeball
  • Powered by PoE or 12V
  • 3D DNR & DWDR & BLC
  • Smartphone apps available

You may be asking, where does an eyeball camera fit in. As compared to the Hikvision mini dome I recently reviewed, this camera does not have the plastic dome that protects the front of the camera, which makes the mini dome more discrete by not knowing where it’s pointed and protects it from being shifted and damaged, so why chose the eyeball style over the mini dome?

First, this camera can be adjusted in 3-axis, meaning it can be mounted in any orientation and be aimed as you wish where the mini dome is a 2-axis camera and must be mounted level facing up or down, not for example, surfaced mounted on a wall or on a slanted eave. Also, not sharing the lens with an IR illuminator behind the same a piece of glass or dome means zero chance of IR light bleed that may occur in IR mini domes. The other problem just about all domes have that an eyeball does not is glare on the dome from reflections, so a potentially cleaner image.  And lastly, you don’t have to remove the dome cover to install the camera or aim the lens, making it easier to install.

So why not the Hikvision bullet camera? Eyeballs once aimed and tightened down are much harder to knock out of position, say by a suspect poking at it with a broom handle. Also, it’s more compact looks gives it a more discrete look than a bullet.

Like the Hikvision mini bullet and mini dome, this is a no-frills camera with a fixed lens, no SD card slot, alarm I/O or audio capabilities. But it does really well at being a camera.

If you are familiar with previous Hikvision cameras you’ll notice changes to the menus as this camera has the 5.1 firmware installed. The initial screen looks pretty much the same except for three differences I noticed. The first is you can’t select the language in the upper right. The second is when you chose 4:3 or 16:9 display format, it fits the entire image on the screen in a smaller size. In the older version of the firmware, it displayed it larger so you had to scroll. The last is you can chose to use Webcomponents or QuickTime to display the video.

You can set the IP address with the SADP program that is included in the CD. If you have a Mac, this may not be possible, you can change your Mac to a fixed IP to something like and then connect to the camera as and go to the Network menu and change the IP to your home subnet here.

You can set the resolution, frame rate (now up to 20fps for 3MP), and bitrate in the Video/Audio settings (sorry, no audio capabilities on this camera). You can set it to 1080P at 30fps if you wish, but for me, I like to get all pixels possible so all images shown later are in 3MP mode.

The next thing you may want to do is set the time. I set all my cameras up to use the Windows Time Service at time.windows.com. The reason is so that when an event occurs, my PC, my NVR software, my cameras all have the same time down to the second.

The next step is to setup the camera in the Images menu. This is probably the area that changed most significantly in the look and style. Most of the choices are the same, but placed in sort of submenus.

The first one is Image Adjustment and that’s where you tweak how the image looks like brightness, saturations, hue, sharpness and such.

The next sub-menu is for Exposure Settings. Here I set the maximum exposure to 1/30th. Iris Mode is irrelevant as this is a fixed iris model.

WDR is set under the Backlight Settings option. WDR worked very well as it did on other Hikvision cameras. I did find that it did not have a profound effect on noise at night as it did in previous firmware versions.

The Video Adjustment sub-menu is also an important menu to visit. This is where you setup if your country uses PAL or NTSC (USA) standard. You set the Video Standard to 60hz for NTSC and 50hz for PAL. It will work either way, but 60Hz allows you to use 30fps and multiples of that and 50hz has a maximum of 25fps and multiples of that.

Also, you can rotate the image 90 degrees. This allows you for example, to see an image as 1080 x 1980 instead of 1980 x 1080. Very useful say in side yards of your home to capture a long narrow area or indoors in a long corridor.

To setup motion detect events, in my case for my NVR software to use to record, the Events menu option lets you chose the motion detect area as a series of squares. Can be separate squares or contiguous like I have it below.

One new long awaited feature is the ability to have it record to network disk (NAS) via SMB/CIF which is a common Windows type mount found in inexpensive NAS devices. I was not able to get this to work with my NAS, but some people I talked to have. I would expect them to iron out any bugs and have this working more consistently in a future firmware release.


Now onto the images. I mounted the camera with a 4mm lens in the usual spot, under the eave of my garage. As before, you can click on the image to see the full size 3 megapixel image straight from the camera. Also as before, I set the max exposure time to 1/30th which is a good compromise between low light performance and movement.

This is a day shot with WDR turned off, color balance is quite good and it’s a clear and sharp image but the sharp contrast in the image makes detail in the shadows hard to distinguish.

With WDR set to just 20% you can start to see more details in the shadows of the truck and tree

You can keep going and setting it to 50% would give you even more shadow detail as shown below but may make the image look more washed out. For example, now you can see the detail in the shadow of the fence across the street on the left. A lot of this is personal preference.

At night the image quality from available light and the built in illuminator was very good.

So much so that if you have lighting like I do here from a single street light and 2 porch lights you can just leave it in color day mode all the time.

In the backyard, where there’s a different mix of lighting, I took this daytime image with WDR off. You can see the sharp contrast from the patio cover and shadows from the chair make it hard to see detail.

With WDR set to 20%, you can see a huge difference in the shadows.

At night, with WDR turned off, the single IR LED did really well. While it had a hot spot in the center, it still lit the edge well.

Setting WDR to 20 did a good job of making the lighting look more even without the additional noise that it did on previous firmware releases. I would feel comfortable leaving WDR set at 20 day or night which I didn’t feel that way before.

I uploaded day and night videos to YouTube. Youtube does not seem to show 3MP anymore but you can still see them in 1440P mode, you must click on the gear icon and select 1440P quality and then click on the icon with 4 corners to see the video full screen. The videos were extracted from Milestone XProtect NVR software.

Day Video

Night Video

This camera is  small and has such great clarity, low light performance, good color accuracy. I was able to find this camera for as low as $169.99 with free shipping, both available from Wrightwood Surveillance, it’s definitely worth trying one out.

One thing I had trouble with is how to remove the plastic ring from the base of the camera so you can mount the camera. Turns out the harder I squeezed to turn it, the less likely it was to move. With a very light touch and a quick twist, it came right off. There’s a screw there that tightens down the adjustments. Loosen that until the camera is aimed as you wish and then tighten it down and put the plastic ring back on to hide the screws.

The other thing to note is the Smart IR feature may cause the image to appear darker than normal. It’s set on by default, but you can find that option under Image –> Day/Night Switch –> Smart IR.

The 5.1 firmware for the camera is available here on Wrightwood’s Support Forum.

The pluses for this camera are;

  • Price & Value
  • 3-axis dome adjustments
  • Very good low light performance in color
  • 3MP, 1080P or 720P resolution
  • Day/Night IR Cut Filter
  • Ability to record to NFS or CIFS and playback from the camera

Click here to go to the company web page for the camera.


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Hi man have you a contact email i have one off these cameras and at night everything is very dark i cant figure out how to set it

Dan chisholm

Hi i just got 1 of these cameras second hand but the previous owner has not put the username and password back to default so i cant view it. Is there a way to reset back to default


I am looking to purchase a couple of the new Hikvision exir turrets (DS-2CD2342WD-I). Because of the way my porch is i have no option but to mount these low down and within arms reach. This means the wall mount that is sold for this camera (ds-1273zj-130-trl) is not an option because the head of it can be unscrewed by hand very easily so one snip of the cat5 cable and they’d be off with my camera. This means i have to mount the cameras directly to the wall but one chap at a cctv store i spoke to said you shouldn’t do this because the base is not water proof and you could get rain water inside the base. Has anyone wall mounted their cams or had any issue with rain water inside the base?


I have 2 of these in my alley mounted to my garage. I’ve been doing my best to get a picture that is not heavily pixelated, but I can’t find the right settings. There is not a lot of light close to the cameras, but there is some light furthers away. Any suggestions? Also, I’m running a Synology NAS and I want to configure recording on motion detection. Do you have any detailed inutructuction around this for the Hikvision cameras? You have some great reviews on this site, thanks.


Hi Guys,

Here’s an update of my misery…

Short version: the camera is still dead 🙁

Long version

I proceeded as directed by the document that comes with the TFTP Auto Update file from http://www.hikvision.com/europe/download_more.asp?id=1336.

Now that I’m writing this it dawned on me that the only firmware that I haven’t tried is the Chinese one.

Anyhow, I set up a laptop with the firmware files and the tftpserv.exe file. I used a hub because I wanted to see with Wireshark what’s going on through the upgrade process. Nothing remarkable…

What I observed is that after I got the “Completed file [C:\Auto_Update\digicap.dav] transmit” the camera reboots and comes back with IP Address I never got the “system update completed!” message. So the camera never became operational again. No HTTP service, no Telnet, nothing other than ping.

Another observation: since I last looked at Hikvision’s pages, the PDF file for the upgrade procedure has changed. It became shorter in the explanations…

Just in case, I’ll try again with the Chinese firmware, who knows… After all it came from Aliexpress…



Hi I bought a hikvision ds-2cd3332-i camera from ebay.

I updated the firmware, but unfortunetly it does not work. The cam is starting the red led is on after a while is turning off, and this is repeting.

I downloaded firmware from official site form (http://www.hikvisioneurope.com/portal/index.php?dir=Product%20Firmware/Cameras/DS-2CD2xx2/) V5.3.0 build 150814(new) .

But is does not work.

If I see the router, the camera does not get IP adress. So I don’t know how to reach the camera.

How can I reset the firmware ? From where can I download the firmware ?
Do anyone had this problem ?



OK… This is what I “achieved” so far:
I downloaded the new DS-2CD2x12,2×32 IP camera firmware v5.3.0_150513.zip firmware from http://overseas.hikvision.com/us/DownloadAgreement.aspx?stat=1&c_kind=34&c_kind2=36&c_kind3=89&id=1963&iframe=true&width=760&height=400

Then I found this thread: http://www.ipcamtalk.com/showthread.php/1078-Firmware-5-2-0-in-English

Based on that thread I found the description at http://www.hikvision.com/UploadFile/File/201433116851896.pdf

Then I found the Auto Update TFTP program at http://www.hikvision.com/europe/download_more.asp?id=1336

I extracted the downloaded firmware
I set my IP to
I started the TFTP software (I was pinging in the mean time
I got the confirmation for the successful file transfer
The device started pinging back at (factory default address)
I see it discovered by the SADP but it wouldn’t take the password saying: Failed to modify the settings.ID:001
So I still can ping but no web service is available.

In the SADP I can see that the firmware version is V4.0.8build 150401.

At this point I have nothing to loose so I’ll keep on trying with other firmware too…



Did you have any luck? I am at the same point.


I had 5.2 on it. The language of the web UI was English with no possibility of choosing other languages.
TFTP won’t work because I can’t even ping the device 🙁
I also ran the SADP tool to no avail. That’s why I think it’s bricked…
I’ve looked on Hikvision’s web site for earlier versions of firmware but nothing is listed.
If you had one, I’d appreciate it if you could share it.
Do you think it would be possible to push a firmware through the serial console (if it has one…)?


I have a 2.5.2 firmware somewhere you can try.



I’ve tried to upgrade the firmware to DS-2CD2x12,2×32 IP camera firmware v5.3.0_150513 from http://www.hikvision.com/en/us/download.asp.
I think I bricked the camera… Do you have any experience with “unbricking” it? Is there any way to “force” a firmware up/downgrade after an unsuccessful attempt?


Hello, I have 2 Hikvision camera’s (aliexpress) which differ in Firmware version, I cannot locate an appropiate firmware update for the following models: Model DS-2CD3332-I Serienummer DS-2CD3332-I20150328CCCH509961295 Firmwareversie V5.2.5 build 141201 Codeerversie V5.0 build 140714 And Model DS-2CD3332-I Serienummer DS-2CD3332-I20150131CCCH502668566 Firmwareversie V5.2.3 build 141024 Codeerversie V5.0 build 140714 Which firmware do you recommend and where can I download the software? Kind Regards, Antoine

I personally wouldn’t recommend updating. Odds are you’ll send your camera into a continuous reset cycle like I did. I eventually fixed it (tftp and altering my subnets to do so, etc) but it was very frustrating. One of my cameras is now in Chinese, but I’m ok with that luckily since I can use Google Chrome translation to figure it out). Good luck.


This exactly mirrors my experience, I’m leaving well alone now


This camera is not by any chance vandal proof right? as I seen some on Aliexpress claiming they are vandal proof but I doubt it from the looks of it.
I am between this one and the DS-2CD3132, I do not live in a neighborhood where there is usually vandalism, but you never know…

Should I be too much concerned about the image quality between the two day/night?



Hi all! And the owner of blog! Very well review! Thanks!
I wonder if this camera it’s ok for outside with raining weather. I am living in England.



Thank you for these reviews…

To a novice like me there is very little difference between some of these camera models so would you recommend the DS-2CD2332-I or the DS-2CD2132F-I dome (reviewed here http://www.networkcameracritic.com/?p=2542) which I understand is an update to an older model and now supports 3-axis adjustment and an SD card?



Great article – thanks for the info.

I bought 4 x DS-2CD3332-I cameras and connected them via POE.

I installed all the necessary software and can see and configure via SADP.

When I log into the web interface and go to Live View there is no live image visible. I have tried all the settings suggested to no avail. I have tried IE and Firefox without success.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

TIA Rossco


Just a follow-up to my last post. After much time wasting, I eventually found the problem. The four cameras, for some reason, do not work on TCP. This scenario was tested on a number of different platforms/browsers and it returned the same blank live screen. In case others experience the same issue, here is the simple fix/workaround:

In “Local Configuration” in the web interface select “UDP” as the “Live View Parameters”. This is set to TCP by default, but that didn’t work for me. It is worth reading the TCP/UDP discussion regarding the preferred protocol for video streaming, however, UDP should work fine.

BTW, I am using firmware: V5.2.5 build 141201

I am not sure if this has something to do with the issue in the first place, but interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this issue.


I finally got my own DS-2CD2333i, and I am very happy with picture quality and such, but I seem yo have stumbled over, what seems to be a (serious) security issue:
The direct-url to get a snapshot from the camera is:
This would require a user name and password.
Username and password can be added to url in base64 encoding using (admin:12345 translates to YWRtaW46MTIzNDU=):
This is all well, but I accidentally found, taht I could remove ramdom digits from the auth parameter, right down to YWRtaW46 , which decodes back to “admin:”.
So, basically – no need for a password (and no, I am not using 12345 as password, just for example).
Can you confirm this issue, or have I set things up wrong?

Kind regards



What firmware you use?


plz send me the price of the following specifications
S.NO Items Desciption
1 Camera Hikvision, 930 TVL, 48 Feet Zoom Dy & Night Vision
2 DVR Hikvision 4,8,16 Channles
3 CCTV Cable RJ 59(per ft)
4 Camera Adopter 5 AMP
5 Hard Disc 1000 GB C-Gate
6 Camera Stand
7 Installation Charges (Labour per ft)
8 UPS invrex 1000 WATT, Battery (Volta 200 AMP)
9 LCD 19 inch DELL
10 PVC Pipe (Per ft)
11 Duct (Per ft)


I notice that I can rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise in the software/firmware. Is there a way to rotate the image counterclockwise? Otherwise, I will have to rotate the camera physically. I am using v5.1.6.



Awesome review. One of the reasons I bought the camera!

I ordered this model and LOVE the picture and wide angle. However, I have the unfortunate luck of this camera no longer responding after adjusting ports in the web UI. Apparently the “fix” is to hit the reset button…but this model seems not to have a reset button 🙁 . Do you have any suggestions?

I have other cameras and dynamic DNS, have ports setup, etc. So I know how to access them WAN and LAN. It was also exhibiting a strange behavior as if it were resetting every minute as the IR would go ON, OFF, ON OFF.

I think I just need to reset it. Do you have any idea how to do this? Thanks!


Any comments to these new fields in the FW 5,25 should be?
Also for some reason my Synology only shows 15FPS (NTSC) and not 20Fps, but thats just FYI to others.

comment image
comment image
comment image


I found the hikvision junction box for the 2cd2332-I camera.

Hikvision DS-1280ZJ-M is the model number. The strange thing is they are only available in the UK. A few website in the UK has them.


I tried to order 2 and they said they don’t ship international and also some only deals directly with trades only.

Anyone know where else are they selling these ??

Henrik C.

I am looking to buy a small camera comparing this one with the other DS-2CD2532F-I
would would provide the best overall picture quality (I have some street lights so IR might not be needed) great site BTW.



I can order this camera with (Chinese import English language) with firmware 5.1.6 – would I be able to update this to 5.2.3 English language?

Many Thanks



Ok thanks – I better be careful before I order as I need ivms access. Thanks



I recently bought this camera off ebay with firmware 5.2.3 (chinese import but a uk seller) on it and i am very happy with it – in English.

I’d like to buy another one, but the ebay sellers are saying it comes with 5.2.8 firmware.

I’m concerned about rumours that ivms-4500 iphone app (from the uk appstore) doesn’t work with 5.2.8 firmware – is this true?

My 5.2.3 camera is working perfectly – so i just want the same if possible.



jim dubbet
I have two Hikvision ds-2cd3332-i that I bought from Wrightwood a year ago. These cameras that are performing well and I’m pleased with image clarity and no issues from IR bleed (because of the eyeball /mini dome design). Motion detection footage is uploaded to a local Synology DS415+ NAS, with trigger determined by the cameras and viewing handled by Synology’s Security Surveillance software. So far everything is working as expected despite replay sluggishness that I attribute to the Synology browser plugin. However, what I’d like to do in addition to capturing video is to capture a limited number of low quality jpeg images of the trigger event (not 5secs before) and ftp (not email) these files to the same NAS. I do this with Axis and Foscam cameras but when it comes to the Hikvision cameras I cannot find explanation how to do this. After reading user manuals I have to say I find Hikvision’s Configuration options confusing and difficult to understand. For example, I see “Upload to FTP” under Configuration/Events/Motion Detection/Linkage Method; and under Storage/Snapshot there are various setting to accomplish image capture; and then there’s Storage Management and NAS settings, none of which I’ve been able to figure… Read more »
Kris Reese

I have a RadioShack AC Adapter as follows:

INPUT: AC 120V 60Hz 14W
OUTPUT: DC 12V 500mA
Class 2 Power Supply

I bought the above camera from wrightwoodsurveillance and would like to play with the camera indoors before taking it outside. I don’t yet have the POE switch, so in order to apply power, would the above power supply work? I don’t want to run the risk of over powering the camera.



Hi networkcameracritic,

Do you know if this camera can send http commands on motion events? I would like to link the camera to my Vera 3 and use motion detection to perform events, like turn on lights etc…


Hi there,

Will this camera send motion events to a gmail.com email address direct from the camera without an NVR or software based program?

Many thanks


Kris Reese

if 2 way audio were not a criteria, would you go with the 2.8mm version of this model for your front door?

Kris Reese

I’m thinking this camera may be the perfect fit to monitor the driveway. I have a 3 car garage and I know placement will be a big factor, but would a 2.8 or 4mm camera be better suited for a 3 lane driveway when mounting the camera at either corner of the garage under the eaves, or perhaps from center of the garage?

Also, could you recommend a good 2-way audio PoE camera to monitor the front door?



I see your point, just checked the spec and the i3 system has a 250w power supply.
Out of interest, when we are talking about processor speed etc with regard to megapixel ip cameras, what is the actual cpu intensive part of the process, viewing live feed, recording or playback of recorded footage.


Or this looks a great spec and lists a 65w psu so fairly low power http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331406732842?_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT


Im wondering if maybe something like this would be a viable cheaper option for 2 or 3 3mp hikvision cameras ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lenovo-ThinkCentre-M73-i3-Desktop-3-4GHz-4GB-RAM-500GB-HDD-Win7Pro-/400818624023?pt=UK_Computing_DesktopPCs&hash=item5d52a6d617

obviously would be a bit more power but would be ready to go. they seem to sell for around £150 on ebay or around £200 for an i5 version, not massive hard drive but i can live with that for time being.
most of the time i view the blue iris feed from my ipad, which is handy as this pc would be installed in the loft maybe. where in particular is the high processor power needed in these systems, just when viewing multiple hd streams ? how is that effected if im viewing the streams on another pc or ipad, still the same demand from the blue iris host pc ?


Can you please review a Hikvision NVR, particularly the DS-7108N-SN/P or if not the DS-7608NI-E2/8P? Thanks


That’s good info, next subject, nvr or nuc. I currently use blue iris on an i5 laptop and works well but the fan annoys me. Am just downloading milestone go to give that a try.
Would the Celeron version of an nuc happily run 2 -3 3mp cameras or am I better going for the dedicated hikvision 1080p 4 channel nvr.


Hi really enjoy these reviews, i currently have a foscam 9805 1.3mp camera covering my driveway, the camera is mounted around 4.5 meters up and covers most of my drive (10mx7m).
I use blue iris with my laptop but am considering changing to a hikvision nvr with poe.
which camera would you pick from this model (3332) and the 2032 bullet cam ?
appreciate any guidance,especially interested in nighttime quality.


How the bitrate affects the video quality?

There is a setting to change video quality, bitrate.

I am on 5.2.0:

comment image?dl=0


Little update for those looking to use this I.P camera with a Hikvision NVR.

I came across this forum which explains that a recent firmware update by Hikvsion will allow access to the camera GUI for more setup, and fine tuning options and configuration, removing the need to configure the camera first before hooking it up to the NVR.

The NVR has the ability to setup each IP camera attached, but not as much detail as having access to the I.P camera internal GUI – which will allow more fine tuning hence what is explained above in this great blog.


Hi,(excellent blog and review by the way – thanks!)

I am going to order 4 of these Hikvison IP cameras but have a couple of questions if anyone could help me with.
I was first thinking of ordering the 4ch Hikvision POE NVR to match:
but I am now swaying towards updating my NAS by buying a new one,Installing some NVR,pointing the IP cams towards it, and going down that route.

My home was recently renovated and a CAT6 wired network installed (cable, switches router all GB standard) but I was advised that if I add x4 3mp ip cameras to my setup then they could hog my network speeds/bandwidth – hence why I was opting towards the NVR route, and keep all Surveillance equipment on their own LAN, and only the NVR patched into my network switch for remote WAN etc.

1.) Are my concerns legitimate?
2.) If I go the NAS route over the NVR what do I need to do to prevent my I.P cams hogging all my bandwidth?

All info appreciated.



Does anyone know how can I find out if I have a English or Chinese camera version? I know only the Chinese day/date difference and that I might have trouble updating the firmware and this doen’t help me if the firmware is already updated to the latest multilanguage version and the region hacked from China to English in the davinci.tar.gz file.

I ordered from a Chinese website the English version…

Thank you!


I’m currently using 2 DS-2CD2032 outside my home but am experiencing spiders building webs around the bullet cameras often. I also have one DS-2CD2132 which fortunately i haven’t experienced any spider webs thus far. So i’m wondering If I go with a another dome camera as it seems to be less likely to get spider webs or the ds-2cd3332. Has anyone had any problems with spider webs with the ds-2cd3332.



Does anyone know if this camera has a reset button? I lost my password for mine and don’t see it in the manuel.


Any chance you could post a pic of the size relative to a known object? You often post a pic with the camera in your hand and that’s always a huge help. Thanks!


Where you ever able to get pictures of this camera next to an object of known relative size?


I too have purchased one of the DS-2CD3332-I cameras. I understand that they are 3 axis but I have never been able to get this to work. On other Hik cameras I see that there is a RS485 field that is intended for PTZ control. The firmware version that is installed is V5.1.6 build 140412.

Does anyone know how to get this working.


Is there any reason why image management can’t be customised from a Hikvision NVR? Does it require direct access to the camera?

I have DS-2CD3332-I connected to DS-7104N-SN/P (Hikvision NVR 4-port PoE). The customisation that I can do from the NVR is very much less that I see in this review. As an example, there is no Image Management option in the menu at all.


PS. I don’t have a 12V PoE adapter to power up the camera and hence unable to test direct connection to the IP camera.


Does this camera have any advantage over the other HIKs – given it’s IR LEDs are not placed around the lens, but next to the lens – or is this just a design feature ?

It does look like the IR LED is quite large though .


Anyone using this camera in northern weather (snow, rain, cold, etc). Just wondering whether it holds up as well as domes with covers.



i like the camera and the reviews. Can you give some guidance, i would like to use a POE powerline adapter to connect this camera on a stucco wall outside under an eave.
How would i approach this?



How does the camera do with license plates at night? Are there better Hikvision cameras for this application?



Hey Partner,

Don’t know if you remember me. You got me started down this route. I’ve got a growing series of Hikvision purchases, with you to blame 😉

This one was next in line.

I couldn’t mount this on the wall/side/face of a building (without additional equipment), could I? (90 feet high.)

Would the much larger but more easy to manuever, position and mount [“DS-2CD2232-I5”] seem the more proper way to go?

Basically, needing something with fine specs for night-time over height looking down on alleyway and wide-distance to cover it’s span.

Hope you’ve been well.


Can the dome/turret be mounted flush to the wall with cat5 connected to the pigtail without needing a box or separate mount? From looking at the pictures online it appears the pigtail can fit in body of the dome.

I’m asking because I want to drill a small hole just enough to pass a bare cat5 thru. I will crimp the RJ45 once it exists the wall. If the body of the dome can’t hide the pigtail/cat5 then I will need to mount a box to the wall to contain the wiring and then mount the dome to the box.

thanks for any help!


This is my first post here, just discovered your reviews yesterday! These are great.

We’ve had some car break ins lately and contacted a local security guy about a 4 camera outdoor system.
He recommended the 3332 HIKvision with 3mp 2.8mm lens. We’d have 1 under the eaves on each side of the house to give full coverage of the front door and car in the street and then another aimed at our driveway for my wife’s car and the last would be on the back of the house to view the backdoor.

My whole purpose is to be able to provide evidence to police in the case of a car or, even worse, house break in. Will this be able to recognize faces? Is the camera you reviewed here better than the 3332? I don’t mind paying a little extra if I’m going to accomplish my task.

Thanks for your time


many many thanks. Have you tried the 5.2.0 firmware as of yet?


awesome very much appreciate. One final question, what are you using for your network/router? Any settings in a router that is common to set (QOS etc)


Carl would you be so kind as to post all your settings for this camera?


Could you describe how high up the camera is placed in these vidoes? I would like to place one on my garage ca 2.3 meters up (7.6 feet). Cant descide if i should get 2.8 or 4 mm. Was it possible to tilt the camera a bit more down so it would capture more direct under? I dont need as much coverage like beeing able to see the neighbours driveway like in your video, but as far as the garbage truck maybe. Thanks.


I yesterday installed 2 of these cameras on a Hikvision wall bracket. The wedge bolts that come with the bracket are bad quality and don’t ‘fix’ themselves firmly in the brick wall.
Indeed better to foresee better screws although I didn’t see any rust (yet).


Do you know if hikvision provided screws are stainless steel? I am wondering if I should buy stainless steel screws to prevent rust.


Blue Iris might indeed be a good idea with its simple end user interface.

Although I am really impressed by price/quality of Hikvision cameras and software, I think there are quite some bugs. I have a siren coupled to my DS-2CD2632F-IS while using SYnology Surveillance, but each time my NAS reboots, the alarm output checkbox in Hikvision config panel is checked while it was unchecked before.


I Hikvision is in a boot loop. All I did is change the ports. Is there a reset button on it?


Thanks David. Do you think it is much of a problem that people can see which way they are facing in regards to the mini dome that you cannot?


Depends on how many cameras you have and the overall coverage. If you have good coverage, they are busted anyway.


what would you go with if it was your choice? Turret or dome?


I have 6 of these and they are great. I also have one of the 2732 models and a couple of the mini-domes. A lot will depend on how visible you want the camera. All of mine are about 9′ off the nearest surface and I am not concerned that much about being tampered with, I have a full 360 degree coverage of my house so they would have to take out several cams at the same time to prevent being detected. The mini-dome is about $50 more and has audio, but the IR is not as good as the turret.


Hi David.what do you mean by how visible you want the camera?


Depends if you want it to standout to anyone looking at your house or if you want it more hidden from view. I prefer the hidden route mostly with mini-domes, but the turrets are not that large to draw your attention if you place them properly.


love reading this forum. Thank you for all the effort! I have one simple question? Hikvision Hikvision DS-2CD3332-I 3MP or the Hikvision DS-2CD2132-I 3MP. like the look of the dome over the turret but I guess its not about looks. Will be going on the soffit of my house. How often do these cameras lenses need cleaning, as once its up, it is very difficult to reach due to height. Also is it much of a problem that you can see which way the turret is facing whereas the dome is more difficult.
Many Thanks once again!


Great camera, have 4 of them installed at my parents’ place.
Camera bracket is expensive however, almost half the cost of the camera (bought from China).

Maybe not specific for this camera, but having motion alarm activated by email, is there a way my parents can easily de-activate it temporarely.
I can write them instructions on how to log in and change settings… however that’s not user friendly.
It would be great to handle this like an alarm system which you activate/de-active upon arrival. Maybe with other cameras with alarm input/output?


Is there anyone who knows how to connect this device to a Nas, what should make it possible to record videos.
I tried but it does not work.
According to the manual and the specs. it should be possible.



Excellent review!
What is the difference between the reviewed model and the DS-2CD2332-I?
I can’t seem to find the DS-2CD3332-I on hikvisions homepage.


Dear Networkcameracritic,

Based on this review I both my first IP camera, a english version of Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I from China.

While powered with 12V, not POE, everything seems to be OK.

The camera is running hot 50-60 degrees Celsius (about 120-140 °F) while powered with 48V from POE switch or injector.

Is this normal to run this hot and would this influence the life span of the camera or may this camera be broken? I have 2 days left to return the camera if it’s faulty…and wouldn’t want to do this but I’m to lose all the money if it brokes in a few days/weeks.

Thank you in advance!

Craig Paisley

HI Camera critic

Ref the Hikvision turret dome camera model DS-2CD2313-1 ( 1.3MP )

I had to cut off the RJ45 plug , do you know the colour match up to Cat 5 cable as they are not the same colours

Colours from camera are white, green,grey, brown, blue, purple, yellow , orange

I only need to know match up for –

white/ orange – Transmit data + =
Orange – Transmit data – =
White /green – Receive data + =
Green – Receive data – =



Thanks for all the help and advice, while I ended up sourcing the cameras elsewhere (was easier in my part of the world) because of all your helpful time and patience, we purchased our software through you guys (xprotect)…partly because of another excellent review you did on it. Much respect, Adam.


I am starting another post because this is a slightly different issue. Two of my cameras will require me to run the cat5e cable along the outside of my house, on top of concrete, for about 45 feet. I was thinking of using schedule 40 PVC as a conduit and ethernet surge suppressors on each end (from l-com.com). I also live in southern california, so lightning is quite rare. What are your thoughts on this route?


I am planning on mounting this camera sideways on a stucco wall, underneath an eave. I will also drill a 1 inch hole through the wall to feed the pigtail inside the house. Is there a way to seal the space around the pigtail in order to properly seal the 1 inch hole? I am worried that even with the circular trim plate attached, bugs or water can get behind the camera and into the hole. Or am I excessively cautious about this?

Stavros Koutoupes

Where from can I get te 5.1 firmware for the 2CD3332 camera? I canot find it in teh HIK Vision site.


hi all. What is the preferred setting most are using for brightness and contrast.

Also,can someone explain what the I-frame setting does and if there is preferred number (besides 50)

Thank you for all the help. Struggling to get my 16 cameras to where I like them


Is it completely necessary to mount these cameras to a junction box?


I use a regular size weatherproof plastic junction box (Lowes) to which I mounted a circular plate of slightly larger diameter (available in the Lighting section). This plate screws into the pre-drilled standard mounting holes in the junction box. I drilled three holes wider than the junction box outer diameter to matched the eyeball camera mounting holes. I held the camera in place by screwing sheetrock screws into plastic wall plugs behind the plate. I fed POE cable up to the junction box inside small diameter PVC pipe (water pipe). This arrangement protects the floating dongles, it is weather resistant and when painted to match the stucco walls it looks good.


Have you used the DS-1258ZJ mount for this and the mini dome? There’s surprisingly little info on it around the web. All I’m trying to find out is whether or not I can tuck the pigtail into the mount and not have to drill such a gigantic hole to fit everything through. Is that possible?

I’d also like to know: which one would you choose, Networkcameracritic? The eyeball or the mini dome? I am concerned about the effect of the glass on the image of a mini dome, but then also concerned about tampering with the eyeball. I have an upcoming project where cameras will be at varying heights. Should I use a mini dome for ones down low and an eyeball for the ones way up high?

Thanks again for your awesome reviews. I’ve been coming here first to hear about this stuff.


I just purchased some of these cameras from a hikvision oem vender, LTS. They have wall mounts that the seller has confirmed will align with the screws for this camera. Basically it is a generic mount but comes with adapter plates for varying cameras. I purchased wall mounts but have not had the chance to install. Another user mentioned earlier in this comment section that he purchased a DS-1239ZJ which is listed in the brochure as compatible, but it wasn’t! Perhaps some sellers include the adapter plate and others don’t.

Wall mount without junction box: http://www.ltsecurityinc.com/en_us/product/1171.html

Wall mount with junction box: http://www.ltsecurityinc.com/en_us/product/1171.html


I am sorry, any way to edit the post? Anyways, here is the link:

Wall mount with junction box: http://www.ltsecurityinc.com/en_us/product/1199.html


Does anyone have suggestions for good iPhone apps to use with Hikvision cameras? I tried the iVMS-4500 but just wondering if there are other choices available. I’m interested in Live View and Remote Playback directly from the cameras (I’m using Hikvision built-in NVR capability).

I tried a plain ONVIF compatible viewer, but Remote Playback didn’t seem to work – is Remote Playback not supported by ONVIF standard?

I plan to try available Swann and Lorex apps, but it’s difficult to determine which app to try because there are so many from each. So please be specific on the name of the app with suggestions.


Stavros Koutoupes

I have read almost all your reviews during my quest for a quality and reliable surveilance system. I have indeed concluded that the Hik-Vision cameras are of good quality and value for money. However I have not concluded yet for the NVR. Do you have any in depth review of te HIKVision 7604N NVR? Any comparison of traditional surveilance NVRs with the QNAP NAS systems (apart from the synology you have reviewed, with which I was not satisfied with?


about to have several of these installed and bullets next week. Courtesy of our good friends of Wrightwood. Turrets are 2.8 with bullets at 4m.

Matthew Roush

Hello networkcameracritic-

Looking to buy one of these cameras for outdoor home surveillance based on your overall positive and extensive review of this camera. My only question is, would you recommend the 4mm lens or the 2.8mm? The primary focus of the camera would be on our driveway, from the perspective of our front porch, which is ~25 ft. or so. I would like to capture as much of the surrounding area as possible as well, but I don’t want to lose a lot of detail in the unfortunate case it’s ever needed. Is it really a huge gain (angle of view) going from a 4mm lens to a 2.8mm, or not really worth it?

Love your reviews!


Hi networkcameracritic,

I am looking to wall mount these ds-2cd2332-i “eyeballs” you reviewed nicely here. However, I cannot drill holes through the wall and would like to run the wire along the surface. Do you recommend a junction box j-box that would fit underneath the base? Someone already mentioned that the DS-1239ZJ is not compatible eventough it is listed as an accessory.

Ernie, I have/had similar artifacts using synology security station on a DS 1812+. I suspected the ethernet cables as well. I replaced the cables with shielded cat 6 cables from monoprice. It made no differnce, still had the same artifacts as before. This all started when I either upgraded to the latest SS or when I selected my camera (dahua 3200) from there list of cameras. Before I just used the ONVIF drivers with them and that worked just fine. I did contact Synology support. Here’s what they suggested I do. 1. Remove the camera from Surveillance Station once more. 2. Uninstall Surveillance Station, reboot the diskstation, reinstall the Surveillance Station (menu > package center).  3. Hard reset the camera (typically requires you hold the power reset pin on back of camera for 30 seconds, check procedure from the camera’s manufacturer instruction manual). 4. Make sure the camera is assigned an IP on the same subnet as other cameras/diskstation using the manufacturer’s web user interface tool (you may need to refer the manufacturer’s manual) 5. Add the camera back into the Surveillance Station. 6. Try using a different browser to via the Surveillance Station (latest version of Chrome, Mozilla, Safari)… Read more »

Thanks @networkcameracritic — the cables are prefab so the ends are terminated properly and the cable is rated for outdoor use.

@Rockwell — I’ll try what you listed. Thanks!


@Rockwell Thanks for the information. I believe I’ve fixed the issue by lowering the max Bitrate to 2500. I had previously set it at 8192.

I also rebooted the camera several times, and reset the synology environment.

Now, I’m good to go – thanks for again for the info!


I have one of these connected to my Synology and I’m using Surveillance Station. Live video looks relatively smooth, however, recordings from the camera a choppy with lots of video artifacts.

I’ve tried using NAS mode on the camera, dumping video to my Synology, but it also is choppy and has artifacts.

I have a 200′ run of ethernet between my garage and my router in the house. Could that be causing some of the issues? When I run speed test with my laptop I’m getting 10Mbps, so I don’t think this is the issue.

Has anyone else experienced this and have a fix?


Hi there.

I just ordered several of these along with the bullets and a 16 channel hikvision NVR. The NVR has the POE built in. My question is with these cameras, should I configure them individually then plug them into the nvr. The menu system is different and when I tried directly plugging the cam into the nvr, I couldnt find where to set the record for 3mp. I am thinking the nvr isnt as feature full on the settings?

DS-7716NI-SP/16 is the nvr. HELP

jim dubbet

Hello again. I have been on the sidelines for a while, waiting for firmware releases to semi-stabilize. I see there are now two versions of the latest 5.1.6 floating about – a Euro version and a Chinese version. I tried to upgrade from V5.1.0 build 131202 (the English version, except for some Chinese dates anomalies) using the Euro version but upgrade failed with “Language version mismatch” error. I thought upgrading from the English language version would not trigger this error message (maybe I don’t have the English version despite menus being in English!). Can you help clarify the various options and point me to links to d/l the appropriate file. TIA.

Tango Charlie

Can you tell me what the difference between the 3332 and the 2332 is.
I havn’t been able to find a spec sheet on the 3332.


I posted this comment, but it didn’t show up. I’ll try again. I have this camera model and it has started showing 30 minutes ahead of the current time. No matter what I do to change it, it goes back to 30 minutes in the future. The NVR show the correct time, but the display on screen shows the camera time and no matter what I do, it is 30 minutes in the future. Any ideas?


Wow, thank you so much. That was making me crazy!! I’ve no idea how that setting got in there.

I have a strange problem that just cropped up with this camera. No matter what I do, it changes the camera time to 30 minutes in the future. I can set an NTP server on the camera or I can set time manually on the camera. I have to unplug the camera from my NVR to set it. I plug into a power injector and then to my computer, save the settings and the settings will stay as they should be. Then, when I unplug it from the power injector and plug it into the NVR, the time is 30 minutes ahead (camera obviously reboots when I move plug to the NVR). If I plug straight into the camera again, the time zone will have changed to Canada at -4 instead of Eastern time. But, even so, it should not be 30 minutes off. You’d think it would be an hour off! I cannot figure out what is happening. By the way, the recordings are logged with the correct time, but the time that shows on screen is the camera time of 30 minutes in the future. So, it doesn’t match the NVR recording time. Hoping you have some insight!

I have this camera set to 15FPS for 3MP’s, but I noticed in your review, that you say it now supports 20FPS. Is this correct and should I change the setting in the camera and milestone to reflect this?

Thank you


I order 4 of these little puppies today. They will replace my Axis M3114-VE. Can’t wait to not have the spot lights on at night. That will save me about $50 per month.

jim dubbet


Thanks for the comments. I did a clean install of 10.9.2 on a spare external. This DID allow QT to load over LAN but not over WAN. Why QT doesn’t load on LAN when logged into the primary user account is a mystery. I though I knew my way around but can’t for the life of me figure out what’s blocking QT from loading. SecuritySpy plays all cameras at the fastest frame rates but I would like to know why Safari and QT don’t play.

I can live with webcomponents after tweaking video settings. It’s almost full frame rate when I Frame is set to 5 and frame rate set to max. Do you know if webcomponents has an inherently lower quality than QT? It looks like it but can’t say for certain.

Slightly off topic – do you know how to use eZoom? I expected to digitally zoom into the selected area but nothing happens?

Phil H

Jim, I neglected to mention that I have Quicktime 7 Pro on my machines. It works on Mavericks and allows you to “Open URLs” in the file menu. Just rtsp:// to your camera’s open http port and enter the authorization information. This works consistently for me and you can even “save as” to make a path for using later. Mavericks will try opening it in the default QT player. You need to “open with” QT 7.

I have had no luck with Safari and QT yet. Still looking.

The e-PZT in live view (the little magnifying glass with a + in it) when activated allows you to select an area to zoom into by click and draging a box across the region you want to enlarge then release. Click once to return to the regular view. Double click the image for full screen. Double click to return.

Hope this helps.


the link on the Wrightwood pdf doesn’t seem to work. Does there need to be an adjustment to the spacing of characters or caps? Here is the link as I copied it from the pdf ftp://hikvisioneurope.com/portal/Technical Materials/Special Tools/

Augusto Micro

Hi thanks you for you review and your support.
I have a Hikv ds-2cd3332-i and trying to do a new firmware and the camera is disconnected me (unintentional), now can not find what is the camera IP and I can not connect to the camera.
How I can solve this problem ? I can reset the camera ? how i do ?


jim dubbet

I talked with Wrightwood Support (Dalton), I spoke with Apple Genus, I tried lots of different configs, I finally gave up. So, back it goes. Pity, ’cause I liked what it has to offer. And now what to buy? Are ACTi cams Mac-friendly. If so what is a similar model to this Hik 3332? If it has good low light then lack of IR would be OK. Any suggestions.


A couple questions that I can’t find consistent answers to:
1. Do these eyeball cams come with a mounting base (looks like the bottom screws off?)
2. How tall are these cams in comparison to the newer much smaller form factor (2532s)?
3 Happen to know the nomenclature for the Hiks? W=wifi..etc

Thanks for any help you can offer and #1/2 or more important if time is short…

jim dubbet

Hi Phil. Thanks for trying to help. Do you get full frame rate with Webcomponents with I Frame set at some low number?

If you have a few minutes would you please read the following list of symptoms and maybe offer some more suggestions.

1. I set up a test OSX Admin account. QuickTime DOES runs at full frame rate when logged into a local LAN IP. QT never loads when logged into WAN. This points to a port forwarding issue. I manually set ports and reserve IP, and this method has always worked for me with Axis cams.

2. Switching accounts to the primary OSX account (temporarily assigned Admin permission) using the same camera settings QT fail to load even on LAN. I disabled all the usual security (Little Snitch turned off, firewall off, default host file, browser cert enabled, etc.).

3. I have not been able to load QT over WAN.

4. Webcomponents always loads when logged into LAN and WAN but frame rate is roughly 1fps, perhaps twice as fast 2fps if I reduce I Frame to 20 but not full frame rate.

I’m at a loss!

Phil H

Jim, this replay might be a little late, but I thought I’d put it out there.

Using Webcomponents I have not gotten full frame rates. I have seen full frame rates using Quicktime over WAN by opening URL and using the rtsp://ip address: and the camera SERVER PORT. No luck for me using the LAN address with Quicktime however, VLC will open the streams if the camera’s RTSP port is used instead. Quicktime may have a problem with authentication as it does not ask for a username/password and it never loads over LAN.

The usual security, Little Snitch, firewall, etc. has not been a problem for me and I continue to run them. It sounds like you have reserved the IP addresses for the camera and have opened ports for the camera’s http and rtsp assigned ports.

To avoid some of these issues, I have used Security Spy with success and imagine there are other programs that do a good job as well for Macs. I now own two Hikvision cameras and like the price and quality so far.

jim dubbet

Well, I give up. I know my way around but can’t figure this one. I have the latest Hik plugin (installed, deleted, reinstalled)). I have checked sys firewalls, and Safari and Firefox security setting. Still no go. In Live View Webcomponents works but at about 1fps (looks like jpeg not h.264) and QT does load. Whereas SecuritySpy streams at 30fps. With Axis M1011-W camera (I have 8 installed) all stream h.264 no problem. Something I’m doing is wrong. Exasperation! Am I the only one?

Phil H

Jim, try setting the I frame interval to a lower value in relation to the frame rate. This can be done in the configuration tab, video/audio. The Quicktime selection does not work for me either and I have not been able to change the camera configurations on mobile devices. I use Apple products as well. LiveCams Pro app works well on my mobile devices for my Hikvision DS-2CD2532f-is that I just setup, audio too. I expect it to work with the 2CD3332 camera when it arrives next week.

jim dubbet

…and Security Spy is streaming h.264 for all cams including the hik.

jim dubbet

Regarding live streaming, webcomponents works but at slow speed. Quicktime doesn’t load at all. I get the QT icon and “data flow” animation below the icon but that’s it. I had this same problem with Axis cams but can’t recall what I did to fix it. The Axis cameras stream fast video whereas the Hik on the same network struggles at 1 fps. Clearly not h.264. Obviously it’s an “operator error” – me! I’m running OSX 10.9.2. Router port forwarding looks OK. Any suggestions?

jim dubbet

I did not see where these manuals related specifically to the DS-CD3332-i although I do see reference to the DS-CD2332-i that I believe is essentially the same. I merely want to attach the appropriate plug to an old 12v transformer rather than use an injector for this installation. I guess the polarities are all the same. Thanks again for the link.