Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW 3MP IR Cube Camera Review

For those that need a simple indoor camera, easy to set on table or even mount on a wall or ceiling, provides great video quality at 1080P or 3MP, WiFi and PoE, IR illuminator, PIR motion detector, in camera recording and built in microphone and speaker, this may be the camera for you.

Main Features

  • 1/3” 3 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • H.264 dual-stream encoding
  • Internal Microphone & Speaker
  • MicroSD card slot for up to 64GB internal recording
  • 30fps @ 1080P (1920 x 1080) or 20fps @ 3MP (2048 x 1536)
  • 4mm fixed focal lens (79° viewing angle)
  • 2.8mm & 6mm optional
  • Day/Night IR Cut Filter
  • IR LED advertised working distance 10m
  • Powered by PoE or 12V
  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction
  • Digital Wide Dynamic Range & Backlight Compensation
  • Smartphone apps available

Two very popular request I get is to have a camera with not just 2 way audio, but an actual microphone and speaker built into the camera. Also popular on many people’s wishlist is a PIR motion detector that senses a live heat signature and is very accurate as compared to video motion detection that analyzes changes in pixels and can be easily triggered by a shadow, light or a breeze blowing magazine or plant. These two features are not unique as I’ve reviewed the AVTech and Axis cube cameras that also have this functionality.

What makes this camera more unique is that its a day/night camera, meaning it has an IR cut filter to change to IR mode at night and has a bright IR LED that provides nearly invisible lighting indoors as you’ll see later. Many of the competitors like AVTech and Axis are day only cameras that rely on a very bright but annoying white LED to provide night vision. IR is much better and more practical in real life and can be used more discretely.

The other feature this camera has is the ability to record to an microSD card and has full playback capabilities comparable to good NVR solutions with a calendar and timeline that can be scrubbed to find the event you are looking for. Alerts can be sent via e-mail if needed.

The camera comes with a stand as shown in the picture above. You loosen the gray collar and it allows you to aim the camera as you wish. I used it sitting on a shelf, but the mount is very nice. You can remove the plastic cover at the base, and you can use screws to attach it to a wall, ceiling, angled or straight and the plastic base cover snaps back in to give it a nice clean look.

I tested it with both PoE and WiFi. PoE works as you would expect and is the absolute best way to use this camera if hardwiring is an option for you. I tested this with WiFi and as you can imagine, the further you are from your WiFi source, the lower the frame rate gets at 3MP or 1080P. I found that to get the full frame rate, you need to be fairly close to your WiFi router/access point. For me about one room away was the limit. It still connects further away, but the video starts getting choppy. Recordings to the SD card remain smooth as it’s independent of the network, but if you were recording to an NVR PC, WiFi may not be the best solution and I would recommend PoE.

Even when on WiFi, I use a PoE wall plug adapter to power the camera. I did test it with a 12V power supply and it worked just as well. The advantage of a PoE power supply is you can go further distance form the power source without any significant power loss. Also, I’ve had less issues with PoE injectors than with very inexpensive 12V adapters.

The camera also has a quirky feature in that you can connect to WiFi and PoE at the same time, each with separate IP address.

This is the initial screen when you log into the camera. What this camera adds over non-audio cameras is audio controls for volume at the bottom.

Under the Network menu under Advanced Configuration, you can set the IP address for the wired lan and the WiFi in the “Select NIC” drop down menu. You set the IP address of each as you wish. The camera must first be connected  via Ethernet to configure as is common with many WiFi cameras. You can use the included SADP program to find the camera initially and set the IP address to something suitable for your home network.

WiFi options are set under the WiFi tab. You can have it search your area for WiFi networks by clicking the Search button. Click on the network you want to connect to and provide a password if needed. You can connect to regular WiFi router type network (Manage) or connect directly to a device, like to a PC without going through a router (Ad-Hoc).

This is the System menu option that shows what version of the firmware you are using in the Device Information tab.

In the same menu option you also have the Time Settings tab where you can set the date/time or use an NTP time server to automatically sync the time to your chosen time zone. To set daylight savings time, you need to go to the same menu option under the Advanced Configuration.

The Video/Audio menu is where you can set video and audio options. In the first tab, Video, you can set the resolution, frame rate, compression, i-frame and such.

The Audio tab shows your options for the microphone and encoding choices. Most important is the volume. I had to set it fairly high to get the sensitivity I wanted.

You control the image options in the Image menu option. This came with V5.1 firmware which has a list of categories on the right with choices when you click on the category. The first one is Image Adjustments and lets you set the brightness and contrast and such. I left everything at factory defaults but set sharpness down a little as sharpening artifacts can be distracting to me.

Indoors, if you have some high contrast, like a bright window area, you have two choices. If the window overwhelms the image and makes it seem dark, consider using the Backlight Settings where you can use backlight compensation (BLC) or wide dynamic range (WDR) to adjust the picture to your liking.

In the Video Adjustments category, you can set the video standard to the country you are in, 50Hz for most of the world, 60Hz in the USA. This is where you would use mirroring to flip the image upside down if you need to mount the camera upside down, although don’t see a reason as the camera can be oriented any way you like. The rotate option is good if you have say a long hallway and you want to rotate the image 90 degrees to have a portrait style layout instead of the traditional landscape mode.

Then Events menu option is where you set how you want to record. You can use traditional Video Detection as shown below or Other Alarm for PIR motion detection.

To use the PIR motion detector that is built-in, you need to go to the “Other Alarm”, check Enable PIR Alarm, check Trigger Channel and set a schedule and click the Save button. This is a far better way of doing motion detection than the method above. Where you would want Video Detection is if the camera is facing out a window as PIR won’t work though glass.

If you set everything up correctly, the camera should start recording video when motion is detected. You’ll know because you’ll see events denoted by a red lines on the timeline of the Playback tab. You can slide the timeline to the time you want to look at it, use the calendar on the right to select a date, and use the plus/minus signs on the right side of the timeline to adjust how much time to display at once on the timeline. This is an actual recording that was captured when a car drove by.

To export video, click on the small filmstrip looking icon just above the timeline on the right. You select the start and end time you want to search for and it will display a list of clips to export to your PC. You have to export entire clips and it writes them by default to your c:/users/yourname/Web/DownloadedFiles directory by date. It could be me, but I found exporting video did not work with IE 11 and had to use Firefox to download files.


Now onto the images.  I placed the camera in a typical indoor situation, on top of a dresser in a bedroom. As before, you can click on the image to see the full size 3 megapixel image straight from the camera. Also as before, I set the max exposure time to 1/30th which is a good compromise between low light performance and movement.

This is a day shot with WDR set to 10% which provided a nice effect, color balance is quite good and it’s a clear picture

At night, the single illuminator does a very good job of providing even coverage of the room. The center is a little brighter, but that’s common. What’s good to note is the section of bed closest to the camera is about equality lit to the far end of the bed. Part of the dresser crept into the picture at the bottom.

Another use people have for indoor cube cameras is to view and possibly record outside a window. This image was taken at about 4PM which in Winter time and the lower sun will be contrasty.

I set WDR to 20 and it did bring out some more detail in the shadows. A scene this contrasty would need more WDR, but you have to weigh the rest of the day to set this properly. In my case, I do use a camera at this location to remotely check on the weather (snow, rain, fog).

At night, I put the camera on the balcony. The reason is that if you tried to have the IR LED on and look out a window as I’ve done above, you would just see the reflection back and does not have much value. If you want to have this camera outside, but make it more discrete and weatherproof, putting it inside a birdhouse would be ideal.

With WDR set to 20, you start getting more detail into the darkness, but at the expense of more noise.

I did a little video to show how switching from WDR set at 50 to having WDR looks like in a recording. Sorry, not that many boats in the winter to make the video more interesting.


This camera is easy to place anywhere indoors without a lot of installation effort.  It has a lot of features in a small package. It has good clarity, good low light performance, good color accuracy. I was able to find it for as low as $194.99 with free shipping available from Wrightwood Surveillance, and it’s definitely worth trying one out.

The pluses for this camera are;

  • Price & Value
  • WiFi & PoE
  • 2-way audio with microphone and speaker built-in.
  • Good low light performance
  • 3MP, 1080P or 720P resolution
  • Day/Night IR Cut Filter
  • Single IR LED that is bright and fairly even
  • Ability to record to a 64GB microSD card and playback from the camera

Click here to go to the company web page for the camera.



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I have had one of these cameras for three years and love it. I have outdoor Hikvision cameras around my house that are also pretty good, but this one’s the best.
About a year ago though, I started to hear a banging noise on the audio. It got worse and worse until I used the camera outdoors this winter. I know it’s not meant to be used in Canadian Winter temperatures, but it worked brilliantly and the tapping audio noise went away.
Camera is now back indoors and the audio noise is not only back, but it sounds like a helicopter is constantly hovering. Any ideas on how to fix it? Way out of warranty so I was thinking of going inside and see if I can identify the mic and replace it. Anyone any thoughts on that?




Can u turn of the alarm sound, I would like the unit to contact a phone which it does,and then I can view footage,but I don’t want to bring attention to the camera.what can I do ?


sir I have IR Cube network camera, my camera is not recording audio kindly help

Okafor Jaachy

Can the camera be connected to a wireless home alarm siren?


I have this camera working with the ASUSTOR NAS app and Milestone software. I would like to use the 2-way audio. What software or app are you using for the 2-way audio? I currently have Hikvision OEM cameras, they do not have the Hikvision brand logo on them but I am able to install firmware. Thanks, Mario


I am expecting a wireless connection speed of 150Mbps instead of just 54mbps since it support 802.11n wireless standard?

Your third screenshot showing the wireless network configuration reflects exactly what i am encountering, that is only 54Mbps which is a dated 802.11G standard.


Do note that the chance of really getting even 54 Mbps is in my experience slim. The specs on consumer routers are a farce IMHO. The good news is that just 10-12 Mbps will provide a solid 1080 stream.


Hello! I have a doubt. because when I disconnect my camera from the outlet to take her to a different place it loses configure the wireless settings and I have to re-connect the network cable


I have this camera and when i connect it to my NAS it doesnt shut up just constantly beeps i dont have a nvr or dvr just trying to attach the recordings to my cloud. But as soon as I connect to my nas it blows up with noise!!!!!!

Mario Smith

I am using the Hikvision iVMS 4200 client installed on desktop and works great at home but not able to view using cell phone iVMS 4500. Also, the 2-way is not working. I am currently using the surveillance app on the ASUSTOR NAS model AS7004T. This app does not offer 2-way audio. Is there a app that supports 2-way audio for the eom version of this Hikivsion IP camera? Thanking everyone in advance for your response.


Hello dear , may i know how could audio work via ivms 4500 mobile software, because the mic button is not activated


Hello mister
Thanks for this review very interesting ! i am from France 🙂
I have 2 questions about this product
Can be mounted outside ? Under a roof for example or only Inside ? (hik says operation conditions : 30 °C – 60 °C
Humidity 95% or less (non-condensing))

And to finish i would like to know if there is a way to modify the sound alarm siren ?
Can i upload a new sound (dog sound for example )

Thanks for your help and for your wonderful work !



Hi there I have this camera setup fine and recording to my NAS. I have not tried the internal SD card recording facility. Before I go out and buy a memory card. Does anyone know if this camera has the automatic ability to start recording to the internal SD card if it does not detect my NAS or the NAS has an issue.


Thank you for your review.
I like the size of the camera and video quality it produces at night. Could this camera be used as in taxi CCTV? Could it be connected to Samsung Galaxy S6 via Wi-Fi for downloading video from the SD card? Thank you.


What are the best video settings to use? Frame rate, bit rate, interval etc.




Is it possible to start recording on a synology survellence station (Ver 7.0) on PIR alarm trigger on camera? I have checked the PIR Alarm under other Alarms tab on the camera interface and checked the trigger channel as well trigger alarm output to A->1. Alarm output is also active. But on the synology survellence stations the alarm field appears greyed out when you add camera using “HIKVISION DS-2CD2432F-IW”, however, if you add the camera as Generic Onvif, the alarm field appears configurable but it didn’t worked and surveillance station never trigger recording when PIR alarm is triggered by camera.

May be i am doing something wrong here, so my question is that is it possible to trigger recording in Synology Survellance station when the camera triggers PIR Alarm?

Many Thanks,


Most welcome, Jack. Glad you got it figured out.



Wireless and Ethernet are two separate connections. If both are connected, each is assigned a different DHCP IP address (you can also assign static IP). Presuming that you have one subnet. All you need to do is “know the WiFi (wireless) IP address”. You can http:// to the WiFi address and watch the live video stream on that WiFi IP address. You do not need to reconnect the Ethernet. The purpose of the WiFi is that you don’t need the cable to access the device.


WiFi devices need to associate with (join) a wireless local area network (WLAN) SSID. There is no need for a hard on/off for the WiFi. A blank SSID is the “off” state. Since no WiFi device would associate to a noname (blank) SSID, there would be no connection.

Hope I answered your questions….


you cannot place an empty SSID on the cam… also, the wireless board will still be emitting signals either by listening for WIFI connections or broadcasting SSID. we want it to be turned down. completely off.


Great work, all these reviews! Every security company advises his preferences, your reviews seem to have no strings attached!

I am wondering if it is possible to use 2 Hikvision 3MP PoE domes on a Hikvision NVR and add this cube via WiFi and have it’s data saved on the same NVR and see this in the interface? This means: 2 times PoE and 1 time WiFi connection?

Looking forward to your reply! Thx!


I use FING on my smartphone to view my local network, and when I have the cat 5 plugged into my cube, I only see that IP- not the wireless IP. So, I think that when you’re hardwired, it does nit send Wi-Fi signal.


Whether hard wired or wi-fi the cube operates the same as your other cameras. And you can turn-off the wi-fi if you have it hard wired.


Hi, we are considering this camera for indoors. If this camera is connected using Cat-5 cable, is it still broadcasting a signal in wifi? I have read that the wifi can’t be turned off, so I am concerned that I would be able to adequately secure the wifi considering news lately of wifi baby monitors being “hacked”.

We have other hardwired Hikvision cameras that we log onto via Hikvision interface or Blue Iris with a user ID and password. If someone were to try to view the Wifi stream from a Cube, would they need they need one of these applications and the associated user ID and password, or could they essentially capture the camera’s stream? Is there a place in the Cube’s configuration that would prevent that?

I appreciate your advice.

Aatif anwar

Hello do you have any idea to reset the password of camera i forgot my cameras password? do You have any Idea please tell me i am waiting for your positive response?????

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Absolutely not. These are two independent connections


Once the camera’s wireless connection is configured and working, when it reboots it will connect to the Ethernet connection if available, then the wireless connection if Ethernet isn’t available.


I’ve some questions about the wireless connection.

Suppose the wired (lan) and the wireless (wlan) are set up.
Then I unplug the ethernet cable. I can watch live video using the wireless connection.
Now, I power off the camera and then power it on.

Can I watch the live video using the wireless connection after the camera is powered up?

Do I need to connect the Ethernet cable first and then unplug it before I can start using the wireless connection for viewing live video?


My smart phone app seems to run slow when viewing this camera. Anything i can do to increase speed?


maybe this was discussed earlier….when i check in on the camera reviewed here, the video feedback is very slow and choppy. I have a good internet signal of 25/5 and the camera is PoE.

Can you help me? When camera is viewed on site, it is very clear, fast, with no problems.


I have never turned mine off since it was installed – 2 years now. What would be the point of having it. When you are away that is the time you want to monitor it.


Can you guys leave this camera on for a long time? Does it heat up?

I’m thinking of getting this since I will be out of town but wasn’t sure if it’s safe to leave it on for 1-2 months at at time.


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I have this Hikvision ds-2cd2432f-iw. I changed video standard from 50hz to 60hz, it restarted and after that i cant see it lan. Searched both with iVMS and SADP but nothing. Only the Link LED blinks everytime I push Refresh button in thoses apps. Also looks like camera is having restart loop. Any ideas? How to reset this camera? I am feeding it from DC not PoE. Thanks!


Hi to every body, it’s my first visit of this website; this webpage contains amazing and truly
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Got some questions about this camera and the mic. Does it actually support sound triggered alerts as in use as a baby camera? And also using the newer IVMS4500 app does it support multiwindow playback of sounds from all cameras at the same time. It does for streaming of the video but not been able to find a sound based test case.

Had lots of trouble with dedicated baby cams locking up in the middle of the night. Have a 2032 Hikvision for outdoors but checking this out for baby cam solution on POE.



I tried for you, Al. It got as far as wanting me to sign up for a cloud account with them and I stopped.


Hi Jerry,

I appreciate you helping me out. I’m not sure why it asked you to sign up for anything, the EagleEyes Lite and Pro version just confirms your email address for Push video but other than that no need to sign up for anything. Any chance I can get you to try it again possibly, maybe the EagleEyes app you tried is not the same as below?

Here is a link to the app.


Thanks a million


Al, that’s the app. I tried again and figured out that it’s their “Eazy” setup that requires the cloud account. It let me add a camera manually. Unfortunately, it won’t access it. It’s reporting that the IP is inaccessible, despite my being able to access the camera using exactly the same info via web browser, Sighthound, or another surveillance app whose name I can’t recall at the moment. I also see that it’s Russian and full of bad translation and such. My suggestion would be to look further.


Thanks a lot Jerry, really appreciate your time and help.


Mighty welcome, Al.



Can anyone please confirm if this IP cam works with Eagle Eyes app for Andriod. Specifically does the 2 way Audio work. The app is free to download EagleEyes Lite from Google Play, would really appreciate it.



Hi there,

Great forum!

I’m looking for a camera with the mic/speaker functions. We know HIKVISION are relaible so this made sense. however, I’m really looking for the plug and play options without all the technical port forwarding etc.
Have recently installed a Funlux product with a friend. It had QR codes and was unbelievably easy to setup.
Could I use this HIKVISION on a funlux setup?
Do you know of any other easy setup cameras with mic/speaker built in? To complicate matters further I’m ideally looking for an outdoor IP rated option.
Lastly, If the above draws a blank, could you perhaps recommend a stand alone small outdoor mic/speaker configuration that I could mount near and connect to my outdoor camera with audio in and out?

THANKS in advance!!!

Warren (UK)


Just read the terrible news about Carl. Please accept my condolences for your loss Nicole.


Hi. Everything is working but I noticed that email alert, ftp uploads won’t work if I close the Live View (Internet Explorer). Does the browser(live view) need to be open for alarm/trigger to work? Thank you.


I wanted to order this one from wrightwood but their site seems to be down for maintainance ..seems like few days. Do you know how long its gonna take? Thanks


I’m curious if anyone has tinkered with the FTP/NAS settings for their Hik cube? I have a Dahua bullet and it FTPs into subdirectories by date and time, whereas the Hik dumps everything into one folder–albeit it does allow you to choose the folder…


I found 2 different github projects that read and extract info from the NAS archive the camera creates. They may help if you’re willing to do some scripting on your own. I believe the Hikvision API docs also shows various programming ways of getting at what’s actually stored in the data files.


One more note for anyone grabbing videos from the NAS archive (or downloading them from the web interface): Hikvision is using a proprietary codec which is only available on windows as a directshow filter (not really a codec). I can’t find any support for a real codec on linux at all. I’m hunting for some way to manipulate videos w/ ffmpeg or vlc on linux but haven’t had any success so far.

Trevro Sylvester

That is absolutely correct, SD Card in must be formatted – I found out the hard way quite by accident.


Hello, I just bought this camera but when I connect it to the current siren starts playing and never stops. I managed to get into the configuration but could not find where to go to turn off the sound output (at least for the time to understand because it sounds).
I know you help?
Thank You


Hi networkcameracritic, I saw the comment January 3rd 2015 about the NAS management issues, confusing the hard drive space if there are more cameras than 1. Would the issue be there if it was connected to a PC instead. Thanks in advance.


Can somebody help me with the following : currently I’m using the motion detection function based on a schedule and it’s working as expected. The problem is that my working program is sometimes flexible and I hate to receive and delete tens of emails. Any idea how can I use the Alarm Input with a push switch to activate/deactivate the motion detection function? Ideally, I would like to arm the detection when both conditions are meet: the scheduler and the switch are ON.
Thanks in advance


As far as I’m concerned, there’s no easy way to enable/disable this functionality on these cameras. I was after this very thing with my above comments regarding the URL strings; however, I’ve yet to figure it out. It’s not as simple as a straightforward protocol with parameters and options filled out in the URL string, which is what I was hoping for. If you figure something out, I would be interested to know what you did!


Hi, I’m thinking of getting a few of these cameras and was wondering if the PIR sensors in these cameras can act as inputs to home security / alarm systems. like the http://au.boschsecurity.com/au_product/05_news_and_extras_4/01_productnews_4/04_productnews_intrusion_3/solution_880_ultima_/solution_ultima_880_


There is a volume buton, right of the speaker icon, try pulling that to the right, if not, check audio settings from the configurtion..
Basic configuration> video -audio,, go to audio tab
Coding:g711ulaw make sure input volume is at highest.


Hi, I just got a DS-2CD2432F-IW
everything works but when I use “live View” there is no audio. on bottom left the speaker icon is disabled and cannot enable it. however when I click on the mic icon (two way audio) I can hear the audio. what can be the problem? I am on 5.2.5 firmware (chines camera, English firmware)


Hi, just want to know if this camera can record motion-detected videos to a router with built-in USB port connected to a USB drive? If yes, what is the best way to manage the video files (like auto delete after 3 days)? Thanks!


Is there a Hikvision Smart phone app where I can easily enable the PIR alarm and disable it? I would like to be able to set/unset it when I leave/return home, but don’t want to have to pilfer through the web interface on my smartphone.

I just received this camera, and it’s been running for a few days now. I’m having trouble getting the email notification to work. Under the Network -> Email tab, is the “Test” button next to the Receiver1’s Address supposed to work? It always fails for me. I have the Sender info setup correctly, because I use the same info for my Sharx camera, and it works. One critical issue for me, is that the Sharx camera has a tab to “obtain DNS server address automatically”, and for the Hikvision, you have to enter it in. When I “ipconfig /all” to see what the DNS server should be, it lists my private router ip address instead of an actual publicly accessible ip address. I really don’t understand a lot about wireless routers, but I think this is my trouble. Any thoughts on how to get this fixed? I’m enjoying the camera, I just want to be notified when the PIR Alarm sees motion via an email (which I can send to my phone as a text). BTW, I’ve tried the Google DNS ( and others, and although I can ping that ip just fine, it doesn’t solve my problem, where I… Read more »

I just bought one of these cameras and am having difficulty getting any usable image out of night mode with IR. In a nearly dark room, the image is almost completely black and no real detail is visible unless it is almost within a foot of the camera lens. I’ve adjusted settings to match exactly those recommended, and tried every imaginable combination of exposure/ Smart IR on/off, gain adjusts, etc. and have verified that the IR led is on and goes on/off automatically, but the image is dark. Any thoughts? Could the IR led be faulty?


Always use a fixed ip address for the camera. Then just give in the correct Ip address and camera model in Synology Surveillance, that’s all


I’m not using a synology unfortunately. I’m using a WD mycloud with another HD connected to it which makes it also a nas HD.


I never had any problem with my Synology Nas, I have used home use models and small business ones. I mean using their Surveillance application: it manages diskspace to your indicated limit, or you tell to rotate every x number of days.


I’m having trouble recording to a NAS, I’m trying to do the test connect via the storage settings but it keeps telling me unable to connect. How have you guys got your cam to record over the air to the NAS?

Nick Rennie

Hi there,

So, just to be clear, this camera will record directly to NAS over the network without needing your PC to be running?

thanks very much,




I have an issue with my camera sound.

It was fine first when I installed the camera, then I did the last firmware update and now I have no more microphone from the camera.I mean I can’t hear someone talking from the camera

Error is:

Can’t open PlayCtrl.dll[2]in iVMS-4200 Client

Any idea what the problem is?

I uninstalled everything and tried on other computer with no luck.
Can’t go back to previous firmware ???

Thank you


Can’t go back to previous firmware ???

If anyone has this problem you can use “How to upgrade DVR IPC automatically via Hikvision TFTP server.pdf”

Mark Jakobsen

Is this the best indoor IP Cam, that has PIR, POE, 3MP and IR at this pricerange?


Can someone tell me where to buy a key to open the dome for DS-2CD2732F-IS.
I have mistplaced mine.


Hoping someone can answer this about Hikvision web browser viewing.
I can access some Hikvision cameras I have with a browser, they are individual cameras with own IP/port# access. The login screen in browser is a gray box. If I try to connect and view a Hikvision NVR, I can get to it, a login screen with a red box shows up and if I enter the user/password, it does nothing, goes no-where.
I’m wondering if it’s a firmware issue, a plugin issue, or just that NVRs are not reachable via a web browser?
Tried Mac OS X Safari and Firefox. Tried Windows 7, Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Any insight into this would be most appreciated!


I have had the DS-2CD2432F-IW for a week now and so far I have been very pleased. I have one issue that I’m hoping you will have a solution for: night recording settings. As cars pass by, the headlights and taillights create a trail of lights above the actual light source. Is there something in the settings that can correct this? Can you also suggest settings for the best quality night recording with motion? (File size is not important, clarity is. The current location is in a windowsill facing out the window) Thank you! You’re information has been invaluable to setting up this camera!


Sorry for the double post on saving configurations. I tried posting the question on Saturday and re-did it when I didn’t see it posted Sunday. Now I see it posted twice!
In any event, after further looking at the Configuration tab, I see under Maintenance, there IS a place to export and import configuration files! Yippeee!
Now to do some testing and see if it indeed captures all the configuration settings, Network, Video settings, image quality, advance configs, etc. If so I’m a happy camper! Lewis


I have a Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW that I have dialed in nicely with all of it’s settings. Occasionally I have a friend who wants to see what the camera does, at their site, so I take it over and set it up for show and tell.
The problem is when I get it back home, I have to reconfigure all the settings.
It would be a really great idea if Hikvision could update their software to allow one to Save and name configurations sets, so that I could simply reload/import the config file and be back to what I had dialed in.
Unless one can do this already?
I’ve relied on taking many screen shots of the settings, but its time consuming.
This would make a great software update, to be able to save configuration settings and reload/import them!
Best regards, Lewis


You know, I’ve got a DS-2CD2432F-IW running nicely. Every once in a while a friend wants to see it working, at their site. So I bring it over, set it up and show it off. Now, when I get back I have to reconfigure it all.

Great idea – I’d love to see Hikvision update their software that allows one to save and name configurations settings and to be able to copy them and apply them back onto the camera setup! Unless this is doable now? I seem to resort to making plenty of screen shots to get back to “normal”. Any thoughts?


Hi. I just got this camera. Firmware 5.2.0. I can’t get only the microphone to work on Live View. The only way to get sound is to click on the 2 way audio. Which is hard to spy on a conversation :). How do I listen only on Live View? Thanks


I found out how to do listen only on live view. In the Config–>Video/Audio–>Video tab–>Video type. You can select Video and Audio. All recordings will have sound and live view audio button will work.


Hikvision has a OEM 1megapixel CMOS PT Network Camera with WiFi. Will you be reviewing this model IP camera? Model NO.: HFIPC-01Q2FD-IW


Hi , I have a problem with playback recording , I have set the pir detection for recording on the SD card , then I enabled the push alarm.

If the PIR detect , I receive on my android the “push alarm” so I can choice:

1) Go live
2) Playback recording

If I select 2) , The android software go the playback section but say , nothing to playback and I can not see the recording.

If I go manually in the playback section and select the right time , I see the recording…
It’s a issue?

Manecas Banze

Morning, in Mozambican from Africa and a seen your post, congratulation for. I have one problem with my network camera DS-2CD2412F-I. When i put the card memory he alarm the reference of card memory is Kingston 64Gb microSDXC.


Trevor Sylvester

Noted the comments. Got my Camera working quite good. Audio etc externally from office and internally at home. I have it now permanently installed using wi-fi in my garage, and it is constantly shutting down. I have to keep cycling the power.
I noticed that the unused lamp (middle lamp which is ‘reserved’) is out when this happens. Once It is accessible this light is blue.

2. The first alarm LED states RED=ARMED; BLUE=DISARMED; do you know what this means and what does this indicate for the operation. This lamp seems always to be RED, was only BLUE when I was carrying out the initial set-up.


I’m having the same issue as reported above by Dark-Star, namely that even with PIR enabled and a tick mark on the box for sending an email, I don’t receive any email even if I walk around the room. I’m sure my email is configured properly, though, because if I enable Motion Detection and set it to send me an email, it works fine. Any idea on what’s going on there? Is it possible that the PIR sensor isn’t working?


Does anyone know if you can disable the mic? I cant seem to see it on the firmware. Has anyone opened it up and seen if the cable is easily accessible?


How to get the camera to store images on microSD.

I might be missing a setting. I have my email notification setup and I receive photos on a motion event through email. My camera records video to the microSD that I can view in the playback tab. When I look at the option to download images however, it says no image files are found. I was thinking it would not only store video, but images as well upon a motion detection event. So far I love the camera. I am stepping up from a 640×480 foscam and there is such a huge improvement in image quality. Only problem I face is that my cube camera faces out a window to view my front porch and the IR washes out everything at night by bouncing off the window.


Thx for the info so far.
Recently bought this cam, but am not able to stream a live feed to my windows phone. Yes the Hikvision software works, but is terrible to use and does not support other cams. Tried IP Cam viewer, but cannot get it to work. It only asks for an URL, and does not give camera type options. Any idea what the url should be? And does anyone perhaps know if another camera profile (from another brand) is compatible with Hikvision, so i can use it with other software that uses camera profiles, like IP Cam Controller.


I recently installed the Intel NUC Mini P.C. running Milestone XProtect Essential server software. I plan on installing multiple HIKVISION 3MP cameras on my system. I’m having trouble getting motion detection working with xprotect software. My camera (2CD2432F) is set with the same parameters as above but nothing is being recorded. Any idea what’s wrong?

Thanks for your Help


What type of micro SD card works best with this camera?

Thanks for the nice review, which prompted me to buy a few of these to use in a vacation home. I realize that you recommend a PC with recording software but while I was ordering the cameras, I also ordered a simple and inexpensive 4-channel NVR. I now have things configured so the NVR is able to capture/record a live stream from one of the cameras (just starting with one as a test). But my (newbie) question is this: is there a way to configure the Hikvision to pass along PIR alarm info to the NVR? Ideally, that would allow the NVR to initiate recording based on that alarm (rather than just recording 24/7). And even if I didn’t use the PIR alarm to trigger recording, it would still be nice to have that indicated on the recording playback so I could see at which point the alarm was triggered. Also, if I want to get an email notification when the PIR alarm is triggered, do I configure that solely through the Hikvision, through the NVR, or through some combination of the two? Thanks again for the helpful review as well as your responses to the comments/questions! P.S. One of… Read more »

so how do you compare this camera to the axiz m1034W. It seems like this mat have better image quality. i have the axis, i want it primarily for pir detection and to email me a pic in the event of an intruder, then i can access the camera and see whats happening. axis does its job here but the quality and motion blur is terrible compared to the cheap x10 camera i have. I am very disappointed in axis so far. I am leaning towards trying something else that has better image quality and offers pir motion sensing or getting an external pir detector to attach to a day/night cam.


I am not able to figure out the 2-way audio using the Milestone client or the mobile client. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mario


You know, I tested it wirelessly and with a direct CAT 6 cable… didn’t check the sound though, but I could not see any difference in the video quality! I looked, and looked hard, but simply do not see any difference. Not sure if that means my WiFi is great or the direct connection not that much different. I’ll try it again, since I want to see if there’s a difference in sound quality too. Thanks for the feedback!


I use this camera indoors and it’s great. However the audio is both delayed and choppy. I am using it wirelessly, so perhaps wired it would perform better. Something to test! The Hikvision iVMS4500 app is really nice too! Lewis


Hi again and thanks for your great reviews!

I plan on buying this camera to use it firstly as a baby monitor and then as indoors surveillance.

Has anyone used android app tinyCam monitor to tell me if 2-way audio is supported?

If anyone has used it as a baby monitor, is he happy?

Thank you!


Also, I only changed the port for Http access.



For the port forwarding feature on my ASUS router I use port range 10200 – 10300 and also configured the network service filter and static IP addresses. I use the IP Cam Viewer on my android, iPhone and iPad to live footage.

I use the Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW and DS-2CD2532F-I IP cameras and the Milestone software.



Yes, I too would like to see more controls over email notifications.
For example, I’d love to set how many photos are sent. The interval between the photos. and finally the interval between the initial trigger/notification and the next one. So say an even occurred, I could set it to send me two photos, 5 seconds apart, and not to repeat for say another 8 minutes before it could send another notification set of photos. Lewis


It’s possible to disable the mic audio stream only for some users?
Under the security user account there is the permission “Two-way audio” but not the on way audio and I don’t want to disable completely the mic because others users need it.


I really love this little gem. Bought 4 of them and some other Hikvision cams and they work great. 1 thing I don’t like is that when you configure the camera to send emails with photo attachment, it keeps sending this constantly. No way to limit the number of emails being sent; this can give serious congestion in your email account.
Less annoying is the FTP settings where minimum every 65 seconds photos are being uploaded.

Otherwise excellent cameras, done spending too much money on Axis (although great service).