Bosch Dinion Starlight 8000 MP 5MP Box Camera Review

The thinking has been that in order to get better low light performance you had to compromise on resolution. The Bosch Dinion Starlight 8000 MP is the game changer. This camera blows away anything I’ve ever seen for low light performance and does it at 5MP resolution with incredible sharpness and color accuracy.

Main Features

  • 1/1.8” 6.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Outstanding wide dynamic range (97+16 dB)
  • Exceptional low-light performance (0.0121 lux at full 5MP)
  • Edge Recording including a MicroSD card slot (rated for 32GB, but worked with a 64GB card)
  • In-camera playback of recordings
  • 30fps @ 5MP in 16:9 (2992 x 1680) or 4:3 (2704 x 2032) or 1080P (1920 x 1080)
  • Intelligent Motion Detection
  • Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction
  • Day/Night IR Cut Filter
  • Powered by PoE or 12V
  • Alarm Input/Output
  • Audio Input/Output

This is the most amazing camera I’ve reviewed. The image sharpness, both day and night is extremely good. The camera is a box camera, meaning you have put in an outdoor housing for use outdoors. It also does not include a lens. I’m using their 4.1-9mm lens that has motorized focus and is extremely sharp. Because the sensor is  larger than normal, 4.1mm is comparable to about a 2.8mm lens on a camera with a 1/3″ sensor that’s typical in the industry.

This is what the web interface looks like when you first connect to the camera from a web browser.  The PTZ controls are grayed out as this is not a PTZ camera, but you control E-PTZ by using your scroll wheel in the Live display to zoom in and out. Then when you hover over the image, a white arrow appears and clicking and holding the mouse button pans the zoomed in display in the direction of the arrow.  This also works in full screen mode which is activated by clicking on the 4 arrow icon below the image. The escape key returns to the normal display.

One of the first things I had to do was set the IP address. There may be a better way of doing this, but I had to do it manually. The cameras comes with a fixed IP address of which happens to be my router IP address. I used a PoE injector to connect the camera directly to a laptop I set to, then connected to the camera via Internet Explorer, went to Network –> Network Access screen below to set the IP address I wanted. Then connected it to my PoE switch and all was good. It should be noted that it works with IE using an Active X control with an H.264 stream but I’ve used it Firefox and probably with any browser by selecting an MJPEG stream for live viewing. Because I recorded an H.264 stream, it would not Playback that video with Firefox.

Another oddity from Bosch is that it does not come set with a password, meaning as soon as you connect to it via the browser or NVR software, there’s no user or password to enter. You can set a password under General –> Password.

One complaint I hear often is that video motion detection is not very accurate. Bosch includes a feature called Video Content Analysis (VCA). It detects and analyzes changes in the picture using analytic algorithms that are more sophisticated than other cameras I’ve installed. The accuracy was excellent although can still be fooled by shadows, it’s much better than anything else. To show you how it works, I turned on “show Intelligent Tracking”. You can see the dog and person circled in yellow and the green line shows the path they took to get there.  This displays on the browser display, but not in the recorded stream.

You setup the motion detect area by selecting Alarm from the menu, then VCA. You pick the Analysis Style, in my case Motion+

Click on Configure to setup the motion detect area where you can drag the points on the square to what part of the image you want to scan for motion.

Once motion detect is setup and you insert a micorSD card into the camera, you can set it up to record continuously or based on an alarm. I chose continuous, but it still marked lines on the timeline when motion was detect.

You can then click on Playback on the top banner, and it takes you to this screen. It worked quite showing a timeline where you click and drag to select the point at which to playback. You can easily control playback speed and direction. Exporting videos was simple and I used that to create the videos in this review.  Although the specs say 32GB max size for the microSD card, I put in a Sandisk 64GB microSD card and it worked well.

You can also have it send you images via email using the Alarm –> Alarm E-Mail settings.

Some of the picture settings are setup in the Camera –> ALC page. This includes day/night switchover as well as image settings that are similar to WDR settings in other cameras. You can see the changes you make in a small window in the upper right. Clicking the arrow icon in the lower right of the image opens a new window with the live view so you can see how setting changes affect the image in a larger window.

Sharpness, BLC, Noise Reduction and Defogging are done in the Enhance page.

Lastly, in the Color page, you can set the typical image settings like brightness, contrast and white balance.

Once last menu item I wanted to show you is under Service –> Maintenance. Many times I get asked where to get firmware updates or what’s the latest firmware. Bosch made this simple. Click the Check button and it checks to see if you have the latest. If you don’t,  you can download it directly from this page and apply the firmware. This worked quite well for me, giving me the latest firmware available for this review.

Now onto the images, how well does this camera perform. I mounted the camera at the front of my garage and in my backyard. For the driveway I set the varifocal lens to wide-angle at 4.1nnm. This was too wide a shot in my backyard to I backed it off somewhere halfway between the 4.1 and 9mm.  As with my other reviews, click on the images below to see the full size image, straight from the camera.

Started off with the backyard as that has the most detail and interest. This is a daytime shot taken mid-day with the highest contrast potential. The camera did great, good color accuracy, good detail in the 5MP image, sharp but not in an artificial way as some cameras do as they process the video. You can click on the image to see it 5MP mode but you have to click again when it opens the image to see it full size. All video and still images were taken in 5MP 16:9 mode.

At night is when this camera comes alive. This shot was taken when it was dark outside, but my landscape lights are on.

In B&W, I took this picture with landscape lights off, but left the IR on the adjacent Hikvision ds-2cd3332-i.

In comparison, this is the Hikvision in the same setting. You can see Bosch image is much cleaner, crisper with more detail.

In the interest of science, I turned off the Hikvision IR by putting in Day mode. At this point, the backyard is pitch black to the naked eye. To me this is amazing . I would not be able have walked back there safely without tripping over something because of the darkness.

In comparison, this is what the Hikvision saw which is what I saw.  Not blaming Hikvision as this model is not advertised with having low light sensitivity but more to show you what it looked like to me when I captured the images.

I moved the camera to the front at the usual spot. Same settings, but I readjusted the lens for it’s widest shot. As you can see, this looks similar to the field of view from 2.8mm cameras that have 1/3″ sensors. But having a 1/1.8″ sensor, the magnification factor is different and this is what it’s widest setting of 4.1mm looks like. They sell different lenses for this camera, but I’m using this one as this covers most home or small office situations.

As with the backyard, the color accuracy, image quality, low compression artifacts are excellent even when set at the medium “balanced” setting which is what the camera was set to for all images and videos.

At night, with my 2 9W LED porch lights and the street light across the street, this camera did not have to go into B&W mode to do it’s magic. This image looks clearer at night than most other cameras I reviewed with IR LEDs.


I uploaded day and night videos to YouTube. The best resolution I could uploaded in was 1440P and to see them in that resolution, you must click on the gear icon and select 1440P quality and then click on the icon with 4 corners to see the video full screen. There is no option in YouTube to see the video in the recorded 5MP resolution.  The videos were exported from the microSD card on the device.

Day Video


Night Video


This camera has such great clarity and one of the best for low light performance, good color accuracy and overall great image quality, even at 5MP and 30 fps to boot. I found the camera currently for as low as $1,189.99 with free shipping from Wrightwood Surveillance, it’s definitely worth trying one out if you want the best. There’s a two lens choices, but the lens I’m using runs $159.99 from Wrightwood Surveillance. If you want to mount this outdoors, the Bosch outdoor housing is not too expensive for a quality housing.

I compared this to the next best 5MP cameras I tested, the Axis P3367-VE which is a great outdoor dome and Bosch pricing is not far off considering you get better low light performance and more than twice the frame rate with the Bosch.

The pluses for this camera are;

  • Extremely good  low light performance in color
  • 5MP resolution at 30 frames per second (not common)
  • Amazingly good video motion detection algorithms
  • Ability to record in-camera to a microSD card and playback from the camera

The shortcomings for this camera are;

  • Can be pricey to some

Click here to go to the company web page for the camera.





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Good day
I found a very good review on the DVTEL 4K camera. It has a 12MP sensor with 8MP usable image. Here they mention all the 4K cameras, including the Bosch Dinion 8000 and at the bottom just below the Axis camera have the review of the DVTEL version. Good article on ultra HD cameras. http://www.securityelectronicsandnetworks.com/articles/2014/06/20/4k-or-not-4k-ultrahd-ip-cameras.
Great images to show what UHD can do for you. http://www.securityelectronicsandnetworks.com/articles/2015/06/20/dvtel-quasar-uhd-review-viva-resolution

I love this website and the review of this camera. I wanted to ask networkcameracritic (ncc) about setup for this camera and pairing it with the new hikvision -Hikvision DS-2DF7230IX-X Laser-Guided Thermal Camera Crusher to be used for a LPC. My thoughts were to use the Bosch ultra dinion starlight 8000 cameras on the sides and rear of my house where low light exists as well as a couple on the front perimeter of my house. I wanted to use the hikvision IR laser as one camera in the front of the house for the LPC. My question is would that be a good setup? Have you had a chance to look at the hikvision IR laser camera and see how good the picture quality is in regards to the bosch ultra dominion 8000? Also, I have several questions regarding using milestone as your software – I noticed you use it for your reviews. Does milestone auto detect the cameras on your network? Meaning if I have axis cameras inside the house, bosch cameras on the perimeter, and a hikivision on the front, will milestone pick them all up? Lastly ncc – I would like to talk to you about… Read more »
$1,189.99 Goodheavens. 😐 You know, the whole security camera thing is really discouraging from a customer’s point of view. Trying to figure out what’s what, where it’s coming from, or even just trying to find what you would think is common equipment. And the prices for what might be the same tech can vary wildly. There’s just no order at all.. Trail Cams.. Board Cams.. Raw PCB DVRs.. Commercial DVRs.. Vehicle DVRs.. IP Cams.. Analog Cams.. Package deals.. KeyChain/CellPhone Cams.. There just seems to be no rhyme, reason or pattern to the prices or quality. Sometimes the $15 novelty keychain cameras seem to be better than the $150 CCTV cameras, or this board camera is $120 here but seems to be the same as the $50 board camera over there. The DVR you might want is too bulky, takes too much power or turns out to be junk. Then are the big-name brands, but they are too “commercial”, really expensive and I don’t think they’ll just sell the raw components(?). TrailCams are great: MegaPixel range, Audio/Video/Sound and snapshot, last up to year on battery in the field and are weatherproof, but are too awkwardly shaped to be placed in all… Read more »
After a year and a half, I DriveBy again. I see that things are finally starting to get somewhere with this 5MP camera. At long last and after so many cameras, we are almost able to read a license plate from a desirable distance, the driveway across the street. Frankly, this is the first camera that you have reviewed that I would regard as an acceptable picture for my needs. Imagine my shock when seeing the nearly $1,200 price! This is way too high for a system of mine that would require 10ish cameras. I am again dumbfounded by the price of IP cameras. What is so special about an IP camera that would justify a $1,200 price tag? I look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 or greater, a $600 phone at most, that contains a 16MP camera AND a 2MP camera, computer, storage, networking (WiFi AND 4G), sensors, and more… It could easily be an IP camera. Add a lens and it could be a great IP camera for half the price of this Bosch and it’s less than a quarter the size, in volume at least. Surely a lens, ethernet port, and IR emitters cannot justify the cost.… Read more »
Thanks for this really great review it gives a good inside in the outstanding low light performance of this camera. I have to admit I have never seen such great low light performance. I’m only disappointed about the fact that I noticed this camera has been provided with only a 100Mb/s Ethernet adapter. According to my experience it is enough to stream a kind of more or less “acceptable” movie in the highly compressed H.264 format but it is far too less for using the unbeaten High Quality uncompressed MJPEG stream for showing the outstanding characteristics of this beautiful camera and lens in its full potential. This camera should have been provided with at least 1000Mb/s Ethernet adapter while streaming 5MP uncompressed MJPEG at only 1fps will need already something between 12Mb/s and 35Mb/s depending on the light/colour/scenery of the image. Multiply this amount with the required fps and you will see a 100Mb/s Ethernet adapter is far too less for the best streaming or recording result. For customers going for the best it would be a problem to buy an expensive camera knowing that a 5MP picture is so much compressed and so many details are lost that it… Read more »

Do you know if this camera can be setup to take a picture every hour or every 4 hours and save it to an sd card? We are looking to use this camera in a time lapse situation.


In the “pitch black” photo, where are the shadows coming from? They seem to be very distinct – like it’s clearly one source of light.


Looks very interesting this new Bosch camera. Did someone already test its uncompressed MJPEG performance at the 2992×1680 resolution at a frame rate of 25fps? I’m very much interested in the consumed bandwidth. The poor H.264 codec is no option for me when I will buy such great performing high quality camera.


I see you can set the exposure manually on this camera (to 1/30 for the purpose of your review). Could you set it to 1/1000 for LPR purposes if desired?

This is a great review. I was leaning toward axis but now I am own away by the image quality of the bosch. My only issue seems to be video transmission throughput from my IP cameras to my NAS (synology). I would like to get 6 of these bosch cameras but am concerned that I will not get true 30fps recording and live view. I know bosch does isci and I guess I could create a separate lun for each camera but that is too much work IMHO. I tried synology surveillance station with my axis cameras and still have issues getting good video recording and playback usually only getting 2-3 fps. (FYI all axis camera are Poe and running cat6 to switch with NAS on switch using LAG at 4gb not that it matters much because cameras are only pushing out at very small frame rate anyway. Help? My question is should I be using a different software to get there higher frame rates? Maybe xprotect (if it can work with my NAS?). Also I would like to do a bulk purchase and I did find this camera online for under $1000 so would he company you recommended usually… Read more »

If you’re looking for a great NVR won’t break the bank look into Mirasys. I absolutely love mine…


Great review this camera is a game changer. It’s the only one that I know that will do 5MP @ 30FPS with the option of 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. But the best part is that it will do 5MP @ 30FPS and your bit rate is only at 4.5Mbps. The closest competition is 5MP @ 14FPS and their bit rate is 37Mbps. Here is a POC I did for the City of Clayton located in California. http://youtu.be/wXMW4ja7m7E

Again thanks for the review… I can actually share this one unlike IPVM reviews… One reason why I canceled my subscription…. Keep them coming


That camera is amazing. No illumination and still a very usable image. Wow.

What specific lens were you using in that review.

I have been waiting for the past year for you to do this review!

Richard Lyders

Thanks for the review. The low light performance is impressive. I understand that extremely low-light cameras have issues with movement because they typically use a longer exposure to collect more light and thus movement results in a very blurred image. It appears that in the night video posted to YouTube that there is a lot of clarity in all the static objects, but the moving car produces a lot of blur. I’m wondering if a license plate would have been able to be read or a face identified unless it was standing still.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Very impressive camera. Now Bosch just needs to come up with a dome version with similar specs & I would replace all my Axis P33 Lightfinder cameras with these.

Thomas W.

Do not’forget that this camera as all Bosch cameras support iSCSI protocole. That means that camera can record directly on an iSCSI drive that you could get on a différent storage Arrays in thé market. The camera supports LUNs up to 2To. Bosch camera embeddes NVR device inside. Schedules and different recordings profils are there.




Appreciate you for this amazing review for an amazing network camera form Bosch. In my experience, I saw similar night video in my demo in Ankara, Turkey two weeks ago. The night video showing a car park in front of a building seemed as if it was a day video under a bright sun. This camera is exactly a game changer in video security industry.


Jamie M.

Wow, absolutely beautiful picture! Thanks for the review. Couple of issues:

The daytime youtube video you posted is a bit less than 15fps. I thought you said it records at 30fps? Would have loved to see a full 30fps 1080p video.comment image

I couldn’t get any 1440p options on youtube, only up to 1080p. I have a 1440p monitor so was very anxious to see it at that resolution. I also have a 4k monitor and even though youtube doesn’t support 5mp it supports 4k so you could have upsampled your 5mp video to 3840×2160 (8.3mp/4k) res and posted it to youtube as 4k and youtube would scale it to be flawless quality on anyone’s display up to and including 4k displays. Youtube also allows a much higher bitrate at 4k so even when viewed on a 1080p monitor the video is much cleaner than standard youtube 1080p video.

Thanks again, awesome review. Can’t wait until this comes out in an outdoor dome or eyeball version!

-Jamie M.


Thanks for the review. Nice to see an IP camera with such great low light sensitivity. I’m still using an old ExView analog camera because it does so well at night. Hopefully this new tech makes it into less expensive models in a year or two.


I need to find a seller that will ship internationally..

Any NVR you recommend with such an amazing camera?