Hikvision Firmware Warning

Hikvision has been recently manufacturing cameras with 5.2.5 and 5.2.8 firmware. If you try and install firmware older than this, it will likely make the camera inoperable. There’s no official release of this firmware so it should not be installed on existing cameras. Doing so may void your warranty.

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I have 3 DS-2CD2332-I. 1 of them has all of a sudden started continuously recording . .

The setup is using Synology Suveillance Station. FW 5.2.0, didn’t touch this. Even if I disconnect the camera and reboots it, it comes up recording when installed from scratch?

Any experience with this?

Badrangui Ariunbold

Hi i bought chinese ip camera and i can’t change language.
here is information
设备型号 DS-2CD2132FD-I
设备序列号 DS-2CD2132FD-I20150311CCCH506790124
主控版本 V5.2.8 build 141231
编码版本 V5.0 build 140714
and when i trying to upgrate,it fails or language does not match.
So help me ASAP

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First I wanna say thank you for reviewing all the cameras you do. I purchased mine partly due to your reviews. I also wanna thank you for the support you provide people.

That being said.

I setup 4 DS-2CD2132F-IS cameras the other day. Today one of them would not function. It would not be seen by SADP software. I am unable to Telnet into it. Set computer ip to with mask of Tried the and would not connect.

Downloaded the Hikvision TFTP software. Tried to connect with it and it wouldn’t either. I have tried to hold down reset button and power off and on holding button for 30+ seconds. The small LED on the board just flashes at me.

Any tips on what to do next?



oh, it was running v5.2.8 per the sticker on the bottom

greg smett

http://dahuauk.blog.com/ <- this person stealing your hard work?
Or is this your website?


Hi Networkcameracritic!

Meanwhile, I congratulate you for the work you do!!!

I have purchase some Hikvision DS-2CD2332-I and the firmware installed on this is the v5.2.8 and when I power on the camera this reboot always!!!

What is the official firmware at the moment? The V5.2.3 build 141024? It’s stable?




Hi Networkcameracritic,

Do you have a solution for a bricked DS2132F-IS? It had firmware 5.2.0 and I upgraded to 5.2.3 downloaded from EU download Portal, here after I’m not able to get in concact with the camera.

I have used Hikvision Auto Update TFTP-server process and the TFTP server confirm the camera has been updated, but efter reboot I think the camera keeps rebooting. I get 3 ping replys from the default IP-address and then nothing for af few minuts then 3 more ping replys and that just keeps on. I’m not able to contact the web confiugration page.

I got the camera delivered in a brown card-bord box without Hikvision logo/camera pictures on it. Do you know if that indicates I got a Chinese version? I bought from an official supplier, but am unsure if they shippet a wrong version. Is there a way to confirm if the region code is chinese or US/EU?



Hi SørenBM i have Hikvision PTZ camera DS-2DE4582 and the same problem i try ti change from CH to EN. The camera have 5.2.5 firmware and after i update with TFTP-server the camera always restart. If you have any ideas please help.
I try with this digicav from you (525) and the same problem.

Best regards


Hello Bazepetrov, could you maybe send me your firmware of DS-2DE4582. Cant find it anywhere on the net and HiKVision isn’t really helping. Thank you


Hi bazepetrov,

I’m not 100% sure, but I would think if you are in a boot loop, that is because you have a wrong version firmware on the camera.

If it was me I would try and download the firmware version from Hikvision directly, that the camera was born with and update with TFTP-server. If this does not work I would try a newer version of the firmware.

Please be aware that the camera _might_ only have chinese webinterface after the upgrade. That happend to me. However I solved that by following the instructions from http://www.arden.ie/?p=319 to have English webinterface.

BR Søren

Randy Hall

Can’t find a working link for the 5.1.6 firmware. Appears Hikvision has taken it down. If anyone has link it would be much a appreciated.


Hi I have to buy a switch 8 port gigabit poe, what do you recommend? You cam ip for Hikvision.


Sorry if this question is ignorant, because I am just starting out. Do different cameras use the same firmware example if say hikvision 2432 and 2132 both came with the firmware 5.1.6. Is the firmware 5.1.6 on both cameras the same? Thanks.


My apologies, but could you provide more information? Why would we put older firmware on these cameras in the first place?


Newer firmware removed features that were available in older ones, probably to make space for new features. Thus, newer isn’t necessarily better.


Sounds very logical *not* to install older firmware on cameras than the firmware the cameras were shipped with. After all, end-of-life components -> new componts -> new drivers…

It’s an electronics industry constant.


Thanks for the warning.
Is there any performance improvement with the new firmware.
I see the new 5.2.5 versions are selling.

Kurt Raw

Can you tell me how do i view dahua Ip cameras through Internet Explorer on a laptop using windows 8.1

Hikvision cameras are viewable but not dahua. Can only do configuration settings