Carl, Network Camera Critic- 1956 – 2015

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that Carl unexpectedly passed away this week. You have known him as the webs best go to security camera specialist. We knew him as a loving father, caring husband, and great mentor. This is a sad loss for the security camera industry. His reviews were the most thorough, unbiased and in-depth  resource on the industries’ most popular cameras. Carl had the most loyal followers, and this site brought him so much  joy. Thank you for sharing this journey with Carl.


Rebecca, Charlie, Nicole, and Dalton

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Carl did a review of my Panasonic camera way back when and it was a pleasure working with him.
I could tell that this was his passion and he was VERY good at it. This is about the only place one could come and get an unbiased review of new/old network cameras.

Please do what you can to keep the site going. My best wishes go out to the family

God Speed Carl!!

With due respect,




I just stopped by the site after a long absence and was saddened by Carl’s passing. People like Carl make the Internet a wonderful thing, and he will be missed, even though I never got to meet him.


This is terrible news and I only found out today when I was looking for some reviews on some cameras that I knew Carl had done not too long ago.

He and I corresponded regularly on CCTV forums a couple of years ago when I was upgrading some of the components in my home security system.

I’m really sorry for the families loss, he was a good man.


I remembered Carl’s blog and his detailed, considerate writing from years ago when I stumbled on his site at work. A few years later and I hear the sad news as I tried to consult his site again. I’m sorry for the loss of your husband and father and I pray God bless you! I’m grateful to him!


So sorry to hear this. I learned so much from Carl. This website was invaluable in setting up my system.


This is extremely saddening news. I’m sorry for your loss. RIP Carl.


Rebecca, Nicole, Charlie and Dalton,

My sincere condolences for your loss.

I’ve appreciated Carl’s reviews so much over the years.

Take care,



I really appreciated your contributions to my journey towards learning about IP Cams.

RIP, and thanks


I had the pleasure of chatting with Carl on a few occasions. He was a graceful and candid person with whom it was a pleasure for me to converse with. He will surely be missed. His insights and the way he freely shared his knowledge and expert opinion was always something I admired.

Thank you Carl for all you have done in helping the community. Thank You for your valuable and unique contributions to society.

Liam O

Thanks for all your help. A good man with clearly a good family. RIP Carl.


Carl’s insightful reviews inspired and guided our home system installation. After a wonderful year of use, it was time to expand to the next level.

Came back after all that time to see what had delighted Carl…… what?

So sad. now.

Carl, you never knew us, but you continue to make a huge impact in our daily life.
Thanks, Carl. Rest well.


SO saddened to hear this… With all my heart I send my condolences to your family. He was a sharing soul that we all loved in our own way… He left a lasting mark on with thousands of people worldwide..


I am so sorry for your loss. We have lost such a great person. My condolences to entire family.
Rest In Peace Carl.


Hal Roberts

Carl was a rare individual, an expert who shared his knowledge freely. He helped me out immensely when I had troubles with my web cam. I’m so sorry to hear of his passing.


R.I.P. Carl, you always helped me here! You will be really missed!

Adrian, Slovakia


I am so sorry for your loss, i had this site bookmarked for awhile, it helped me make wise ip cam purchases. We are all one Carl even though i never knew thee… thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.


I really enjoyed reading the reviews Carl posted. This was so sad to read about, my sincere condolences. Thank you to Carl’s family for keeping his site up and continuing what he started.

Frank C

I am truly shocked and saddened by your loss. Carl was the go-to person when a detailed answer was needed. He gave of his knowledge & expertise so freely and patiently. His detailed reviews were priceless, yet he freely gave his valuable time to help us and answer our questions.

You, the family, have my deepest sympathies & we mourn our mutual loss.


I always was interested in this subject and stock still am, thanks for putting up.


I had the pleasure to private message him a few times on other forums and talk about PTZs…he showed me his and i showed him ours …good times. He definitely left a lasting impact on many people in this industry.


I’ve only just discovered Carl’s work, and I’m gutted to hear that he has passed on.

He was truly a generous man and he’s helped hundreds, probably thousands, of people feel safer and better-informed. May he rest in peace…!


I am so sorry for your loss,
Never thanked him for sharing his knowledge, his reviews where the best out there.
Thank you Carl you will be missed.RIP

John R

My heartfelt condolences, I found his expertise so helpful and am thankful it was available and so freely given.


So sorry for your loss. Will miss Carl even though we’ve never met. Loved his site and love and passion for this hobby.

Nick from Toronto.


My sincere condoleances to the family; Carl is a loss to the world 🙁


Sad to hear this. He will be missed, even by strangers as I who appreciated his reviews and objectivity.


Sorry for your loss. I only knew Carl through this site and was so happy to he shared his passion and knowledge. My thoughts and prayers are with Carl and you his family.


I didn’t know Carl personally, but the amount of knowledge he shared to all of us for free just tells me he was a great person.He will never know but he helped me set up a succesful CCTV business, thanks Carl and may you rest in peace you will be missed by all of us and even more by your family.



I am new to this site, and I found the reviews fantastic. It was a shock to read the post about Carl’s passing. I lost my father in January this year, so I know how much it really hurts. Take care, RIP Carl.


Carl was so helpful when I needed help with my system. I didn’t get to know him that well, but I really appreciated reading all his reviews! I’m so sorry for your loss. RIP Carl 🙂


So sorry to hear of your loss. He was always so helpful and informative may he rest in peace


What a shock. Sorry for your loss.

Lee Dye

I am very sorry for your families loss. His service to the field was invaluable and unmatched;as I’m sure his dedication and love for his family. Rest in Peace Carl.

Johannes Kepler

Recevez mes très sincères condoléances et l’expression de ma plus profonde sympathie.

Mitchell Tuckness

I miss Carl and his wisdom every day. I am so sorry for your loss, he was a caring and gifted man and his knowledge helped me tremendously. I am at a loss where to go these days; but I just wanted to let you know we internet entities also have lost a friend and mentor.

So long Carl and safe travels.


Frantz Mathias

A great loss to the community of System integrators and I am certain an even greater loss for his family. I have never met him in person but Carl has helped me in more ways than one. THanks again Karl and my sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones.

RIP Carl


I’m so sorry. He always did great work.


Very sad to hear of this. Like so many here, Carl helped me out and answered questions when I was buying my first cameras. The posts here are a testimony to how appreciated he has been over the years. Rest in Peace, and may comfort find this family.



Very sad to hear of this news. His camera reviews led me to buy the very best IP cameras I could for the money. He will be missed. Sorry for your families loss.

Michiel Verlinden

I just read this very sad news. I’m so sorry for your loss.
He has been a great help.

Best regards, Michiel


I just found this blog in my hunt to set up NFS on a Hikvision camera. I was amazed by how great the information was here. Then I noticed how active and helpful Carl was on other forums. I never knew Carl when he was alive, but if he was anything like his writing suggested, he must have been great to be around.


so sad, my condolences. carls reviews will be missed.


Very sad to hear of this. he led this website with the utmost professionalism and with close community presence I hope there will be someone to take on his mantle and continue the fantastic depth of camera reviews.
My Condolences to his family.



Your reviews were excellent Carl, I spent alot of money with total confidence because of your words.. sadly the internet, once again is in desperate need of a Network Camera Critic. 🙁


So sorry to learn of this sad news. My condolence to all Carl’s family.
Carl has been a great contributor to this community. His research had been most thorough and unbiased. And he was remarkable for quick responses to reader questions. We all benefited from his work. This is a great loss to his family and the community.
RIP, Carl.

Hal Lasell

Although we didn’t know Carl personally, we loved his enthusiasm, deep knowledge, hard work, and the joy he took in sharing it all with us.

I’d like to thank you for sharing, and to reiterate what everyone else has already said: he will be greatly missed.

With my deepest regard, Hal


Oh no, that is so sad! Sincere condolences and God bless.

Michael Graves

I’m very saddened by the news of Carl’s passing and my sincerest condolences and prayers go out to his family.

Carl selflessly created this wonderful, extremely helpful blog. I personally was trying for over a year to figure this stuff out on my own before i found Carl’s site and was astonished not only at the wealth of information, but the quickness of the response I got when I posted a few questions. Carl and Carl alone helped me to figure out exactly what I needed to do and how to do it right.

Even after he has left this world, this site, what I assume is just a small part of his legacy, will continue to help others. If everyone was even half as helpful and kind as Carl, this world would be a much better place.

Rest in peace, Carl and thanks for all you have done and for being who you were!


As we say here in Greece “Have a safe journey Carl”, although we never meet i was always reading your posts..



I only first posted a comment here a few weeks ago, to a years old review. But within minutes my question was answered thoughtfully and in detail by ‘networkcameracritic’ who I assume was Carl. I remember thinking how it was (and is) an honor that I was helped by the very Carl who created this site. Very sorry to hear the news.

Aaron Price

I’ve been reading and learning from Carl’s posts for the last year, and enjoyed the personality he injected into his writing as much as the technical content and professionalism. That a perfect stranger like myself can feel a pang of loss at this news tells you a lot about the man himself. We can all learn from his example. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.


So sorry for your loss. Carl helped so many people around the world. He will truly be missed.



What a brilliant and special man. I have visited this
site continually for quite some time. I feel I have
lost a friend.

So very sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what a
great part of your family he was. He will be in our

Rest in peace dear man.


Oh No!!… My condolences to Rebecca, Charlie, Nicole, and Dalton. I’ve never met Carl, only exchanged emails and he always responded, sometimes within minutes of me asking a question. I’m sure i’m just one of thousands of people Carl has responded to with help and guidance. The web is a bit lonelier now without Carl. RIP.


He will be missed, both on this site and surely at home.

Peace, prayers and blessings.


Google user

I just wanted to offer my condolences to the family and friends. I have only recently been exposed to this website but it has immediately become an invaluable resource with clearly written and comprehensive reviews and articles.

He will be missed.


I am sorry for loss and all of ours loss he was a good man.


Bonjour, je suis vraiment choqué par cette nouvelle, en FRANCE, je suivais ses review avec passion.

je suis de tout coeur avec vous.


Kirk Dunn

I am shocked and very much saddened by this loss. I’ve come to your beloved one’s site many time searching for answers. I’ve learned a lot, read with interest and always felt I could count on his presence. He became very much someone I looked to even though I never met him or talked to him. Such is the internet, but I still feel the loss and I will keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers.


May he rest in peace.
A real technican
perhaps that this site can remain online to respect his work and his passion


My condolence to the family. I really appreciate his work in reviewing cameras and updating this site. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t know where else to get reviews for new ip cameras being released, he will truly be missed. I hope the family is taking it well.






Such sad news… He will be missed the world over..
The entire industry looked up to him, his knowledge, and unbiased reviews..

I lost a niece at the age of 3 from AML, and have a 17 year old niece currently battling it(currently in remission)… My deepest condolences go to you and your family.

May he rest in peace… as well as that eave of the house above the driveway…

He truly was a guy of many talents and will be sorely missed!
Thank you Carl and Family!


Nicole, thanks for the update. I just learned of your loss as I checked the website looking for Carl’s latest review. He will be missed by many he never met.


I am so sorry for your loss. Carl was a wonderful, giving man that has enlightened thousands with his unbiased thoughtful and thorough reviews. As others have said, his contributions have been very much appreciated. He has made the world a better and safer place as a direct result of his work.i am thankful that he did not have to suffer through the ravages of cancer and its horrible treatments. Rest in peace.


Viresh Gohil

I’m so very sorry to hear this. My condolences to all the family.



A terrible loss. The best reviewer on this subject bar none.
Will be truly missed.

Condolences to his family and loved ones.


John Smith

So very sorry to hear of Carl’s passing.

His work was an incredible resource for so many of us. He has truly touched the lives of so many. Rest in peace…


Thank you all for your kind words and condolences. My father was only 58 years old on the day he passed. He suffered a stroke, but it turns out it was caused from Leukemia. (Something none of us, including Carl, knew he had.) In many ways he is lucky he did not have to go through chemo or pain. As you all know he was a giant in this industry and he will be truly missed.

-Daughter of Carl


Dear Nicole,

For all, it is a great loss also, your father was an exceptional man, sorry for my english, but i am french, all people here liked very much your father, his articles were very professionnal and very interesting for all, i will like to traduce some articles of Carl, in my french website, if you give the authorisation, of course with the signature of Carl, with the adress of his website , to show to all people of my country a great example of professionalism, your father was a very great man, receive my condolences to all your family, all the community will have a great memory of the personality of carl because his work was perfect. my best regards.



Thank you for your offering your help. I just might take you up on that one day. Carl knew so much and my husband and I went to him a lot for help.


I give you authorization to use his articles. I own a security camera site and I get a lot of customers from Europe coming to my site, that originally found NCC first. I still want my fathers legacy to live on and to help people feel safe because of security cameras. I would love to see your site as well!




I am very sorry to hear about your loss. From my dealings with your father, I could tell he was a good man. He was a huge part of this community and we are all in shock. On behalf of everyone who represents IP Cam Talk, we send our condolences.

If you need any help with anything technical regarding the website, etc., please let me know. Carl helped me when he could so it would be my pleasure to pass it on. You can find me on IP Cam Talk with the username ‘Mike’.


Mark Charles

Dear Rebecca, Charlie, Nicole, and Dalton,

I am very sorry for your loss.

For someone to give so much for free to the world, through his online camera reviews for the benefit of others, only shows what type of wonderful person he was.

My deepest condolences to the family.



Really sorry for the sad news. My Thoughts are with you

I will miss his reviews that were thoroughly excellent

Hope he rests in peace and the ip cameras where ever he ends up are to his liking

Steve x


May he rest in peace.
Wish the family strength to carry this loss.

Arend, Netherlands


I am so sorry for your loss. Carl has touched lives across the globe and he will be deeply missed.
Brandon – Dallas, TX


It’s a sad day, but you should know that Carl Made all our lives better.
The world is diminished by his passing.
GodSpeed Carl


I am so, so sorry for you. Through this website, we glimpsed just a bit of Carl’s generosity, kindness and overall wonderfulness. I cannot imagine the level of loss his family and loved ones must going through. He will be so missed by so many.


Shocked to say the least. Condolences to the family.
Jussi, Finland


I would like to express my best wishes to Carl’s family and testify that Carl has provided great contribution to the community and will be much missed


I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. Carl had the passion and expertise to help people he never met make better decisions. He was a worldly influence and he will be missed by many people. Thank you for letting us know of his passing.


I mistyped a word in my previous post. Terribly sorry.
What I meant is: All the reviews he posted is very very helpful. Thanks so much.


It’s quite a shock to hear this sad news. I’m a newbie in the IP camera industry here in China. Several months ago I accidentally found this blog and have benefited from this site ever since. I haven’t even got a chance to say thank you for the wonderful reviews he’s posted. All the reviews he posted if very very helpful. Thanks so much.

I lost my old man 12 yrs ago so I know how hard it must be for you these days. But life still continues, so please take care! May Carl rest peace in the Heaven.

Leslie from Shenzhen,China
April 2nd, 2015


Nicole and Carl’s loved ones,
The community above has said it all, well nearly all.
When victims like me and my family have their lives wrecked by hateful humans we turn to legends like your wonderful hero Carl. Through him, with him, and his in-yielding help my family has their life back.
I have no words to truly portray my debt of gratitude and I’m equally lost for a way to ease your pain at such a sad time.

From my rescued family to yours, prayers and love go with you now and always.

Keith in Alberta Canada


Carl was instrumental in helping me setup my camera system. It honestly is my pride and joy. I brag about it everyone who comes by. My condolences to your family and friends in this difficult time.


Rest in peace Carl. My heart goes out to your family and friends.

Peter Greet

Very sad to hear of your loss. I have spent a lot of time reading his reviews – they were of great assistance to me in getting my CCTV system setup.

Condolences to you all.


Pera Burek

Rest in Peace Carl, we will miss you 🙁

Condolences to family and friends.

Germany, Europe

as Anthony has written, I would repeat
THE Network Camera Critic


My condolences to Carl’s family and friends. I lover going to this website and reading his reviews. I’ve purchased a dozen cameras based on his reviews. He will be truly missed.

To his family, I’m sorry for your loss.


I am very sorry for your loss. I had only recently found his site and will miss him. He was very generous with his help.

Adam Thomas

My deepest condolences to all of his family and friends.
His analysis and advise saved me uncountable hours time and significant money.
He was a master of the product field and I will greatly miss his reviews and analysis.
Warm Regards,
Adam in San Diego

Anthony @ DETER Security Solutions UK

Our deepest condolences!!!
Carl has been a great guide and helped us so much.
He will be greatly missed.
Rest in Peace
THE Network Camera Critic.

Barry Bahrami

Very sad and a huge loss for this industry. Carl was the one person I counted on to specify the right cameras to use in various webcams around San Diego Bay. I never met Carl. We only interacted by email. It didn’t matter – Carl was so good at what he did that I would simply describe what we were shooting, the light and the dimensions of objects in the shot and the type of output I needed. That was all Carl needed and he specified the perfect camera for the job every time. He was that good. Carl was a true professional who was kind enough to share his knowledge with the rest of us. It was always clear to me that he loved his job, his wife (who I had the pleasure of meeting once) and he was very proud of his daughter.

RIP my friend. You will be missed.


Please accept our deepest condolences as he has served us through this medium. I can say this was but a glimpse of the total human he was and the greatness we saw was immense as all have given testament to how well we were served through this blog. I for one owe my whole security surveillance system design and choices to his critique and I am very thankful to have come across this blog. RIP Carl.


Real sad news. His insight and knowledge will be missed.

God bless his soul.

South Africa.


I am soo sorry for your lose i really like his reviews and he added alot to the field.
Sorry for your personal loss.


Damn.. So sorry for your loss 🙁

I have visited this site on and off for years and always appreciated Carl’s dedication to this hobby/passion/interest. His emails always got me excited about a new product and it was great reading through with his thorough, to the point, writing style.

I hope your family are doing ok in this difficult time. Thoughts are with you.


We will miss Carl’s honesty, integrity, and hard work. I always felt he was a generous person, sharing his valuable knowledge with the world. His technical advice helped us navigate through this ever changing market of security camera options and features. I always looked forward to reading Carl’s reviews, and I was hoping to have the pleasure of meeting him one day. Our prayers are with you during this time of loss.


My prayers are with you and your family..


I’m so sorry, I will miss his knowledge, as shall we all. 🙁


Very sad news and a big loss for the whole network camera community around the world. Carl’s professional evaluations of cams and great words of wisdom in forums have been a guiding light for many of us.

RIP Carl. You will be missed.

My deepest condolences to you Rebecca, Charlie, Nicole, and Dalton. Let God’s Might get you through the pain and sorrow.


I’m very sorry for your loss. We are also going through the same thing at this very moment. My condolences.