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Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-IS 3MP IR Varifocal Vandal Dome Review

Where the previously reviewed Hikvision IR mini dome is a very basic camera with limitations, the Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-IS has all the bells and whistles. It’s a full 3-Axis dome, has a microSD card slot with in-camera playback, two-way audio, alarm inputs but also has a nice wide range varifocal lens from a very wide 2.8mm to a good telephoto 12mm. Although it costs a little more than it’s little brother, it’s a far better camera in many respects.

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ACTi E74 3MP IR Outdoor Vandal Dome Review

The ACTi E74 is ACTi’s 3MP IR outdoor dome that has “Superior WDR” and a fixed 2.93 mm wide angle lens.  In testing the camera I kept an eye on the WDR to see if it truly is superior to their “Basic WDR” used the E32 I recently tested and the “Advanced WDR” advertised on the KCM-5611 I tested last year. WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range and is supposed to provide a better balanced image with more details in the darkest and brightest parts of the image.

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ACTi E84 1080P IR Vandal Dome Review

This is one of ACTi’s newest vandal dome cameras and its differentiator is “Superior Low Light Sensitivity”. This would be the equivalent of the E44 bullet I recently reviewed but inside a vandal resistant dome housing and has an added bonus, a microSDHC card slot. The housing is identical to all the new ACTi outdoor vandal domes and is solid and well made.

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